Bicycle mirror comparison 2018

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  • Bicycle mirrors are not compulsory in Germany for cyclists, but they are an important bicycle accessories, with the safety on the road can be increased.
  • Rearview mirrors for bicycles are best distinguished by the type of mounting: On the one hand, there are screw-in mirrors that are attached to the handlebar end and on-shelf mirrors that are screwed or plugged directly onto the handlebars.
  • Some mirrors for bicycles have certain special features such as convex surface curvatures. These allow a larger field of view, but sometimes also distort, so that distances can be estimated worse.

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: 2018

Quick glance back and check if no car from the left wants to overtake and then on the other lane. But beware: In no case overlook the pedestrian, who dares just at this moment only a few meters in front of his own bike on the road - who is regularly on the road, knows such scenes and this Insecure feeling that arises when moving in the dense city traffic between cars, motorcycles, buses and pedestrians. Not coincidentally feel a poll of the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) According to 48 percent of all German cyclists rather not or not at all safely on the road.

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: bicycle

Bicycle mirrors can improve safety in city traffic.

To ensure the safety as well as possible, in addition to bicycle helmet, bell, functional bicycle lights and well-adjusted brakes on a rearview mirror for the bicycle can be used. This allows the quick look to the rearwithout losing sight of the traffic in front of you.

Should you also be looking for the improved security because of the best bike mirror Let's take a look at our Bicycle Mirror Comparison 2018. Here, regardless of brands and manufacturers, we will introduce you to the most important types and tell you what to look for when buying them.

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  • For comparison, the U-locks

1. Bicycle mirrors increase safety


Some rearview mirrors for the wheel are equipped with a convex surface curvature. This curvature causes a wide-angle effect, which causes the perceived via the wide-angle mirror rear view field increases. The disadvantage here, however, that distances can be estimated worse by the related distortion.

As a useful bicycle accessories mounted on the handlebars mounted bike mirror traffic safety, since when overtaking, no longer has to be peered over the shoulderbut the past traffic can be easily overlooked with a quick glance in the mirror. This is particularly useful because even a brief moment of inattention, as it comes about, for example, through the shoulder glance, compared to the preceding traffic sufficient to bring about an accident with another vehicle or passers-by.

Although they help to make bicycles safer, Rearview mirrors for bicycles in Germany are so far no obligation, The only exception in this context are bicycle mirrors for e-bikes, which must be at least 50 square centimeters in size. However, this rule only applies to the electric bike, if it can go faster than 25 km / h.

2. Bicycle mirror types at a glance

In a bicycle mirror test, rearview mirrors for two-wheelers can be classified into two different categories depending on the type of mounting. In our bike mirror comparison, we have even opted for the division into three different types, although gooseneck mirrors differ from mirror on only in appearance and functionality, but not during assembly.

EinschraubspiegelClip-onGooseneck Mirror

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: mirrors

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: comparison

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: mirrors

  • are screwed into the bicycle handlebar
  • Models for left and right (not always compatible on both sides)
  • rather not suitable for bent handlebars
  • be screwed or stuck on the bicycle handlebar
  • Models for left and right (not always compatible on both sides)
  • suitable for almost all types of handlebars
  • are a special form of slip-on mirror
  • movable gooseneck for the perfect setting and the best overview
  • Models mostly usable on both sides

3. Purchase advice for bike mirror: You must pay attention to this!

Bike mirror test winners should be easy to assemble and guarantee the widest possible overview of the rear traffic. In particular, in the latter point, various criteria play a role, which you should consider if you want to buy a good bike mirror.

3.1. Material - glass or plastic?

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: mirrors

Glass is of higher quality and provides a clearer picture.

Cheap bicycle mirrors are often made of plastic. This initially sounds like cheap processing, but does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage since Plastic mirrors shatterproof and are usually very robust, Glass mirrors are more expensive, but also more sensitive. You can break already after the bicycle has fallen over once. However, they have the advantage of that Glass is less distorted, making the traffic behind clearer.

3.2. Assembly and flexibility

To mount a bicycle mirror is relatively easy. As already shown in the above table, can be Different screw-on and slip-on mirror.

Screw-in mirrors are attached to the handlebar end. As a rule, the cap of the handle end must be removed and the mirror be screwed by means of a hexagonal or wrench with the handlebar end. A major disadvantage of this type of attachment is the non-ideal position of the mirror, which can hardly be significantly changed and hidden when driving through the forearm.

Important: Keep in mind that screw-in mirrors are usually not suitable for curved handlebars but almost exclusively for straight handlebars.

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: bicycle

Device for attaching a plug-in mirror.

On the other hand, slip-on mirrors have a special screwing devicewith which they can be screwed onto the handlebar with a screwdriver similar to a bicycle lamp. Particularly useful is that slip-on mirrors can be mounted in different positions on the handlebar, making it easier to find a perfectly tailored to the cyclist position. In addition, there are even models that can be completely assembled without tools.

Important: If you want to mount a clip-on bike mirror, you will not have any problems with it. These models are ideal for almost all types of handlebars.

In terms of flexibility are clearly gooseneck slip-on advantage. The movable neck allows them to be placed in the ideal position for a perfect view of the motorcycle or car behind you.

3.3. Special features: convex curvature, turning and folding

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: bicycle

Folding bicycle mirror by Zéfal.

There are mirrors for the bike, the allow a 360 degree turnHowever, this is not absolutely necessary in most cases, as the full degree of flexibility is not exhausted in practice. Here are usually enough mirrors with a movable jointwhich can be adjusted upwards or downwards by a few degrees, of course, the possibility of a 360-degree rotation is not to be regarded as a disadvantage.

On the other hand, it is particularly practical if your bike mirror is foldable. Since rear view mirrors are very sensitive to the bicycle and quickly break off when the wheel is overturned, you should prefer mirrors that are not rigid but can simply be folded down when parking.

Finally, the question of whether you should buy a bicycle mirror with convex curvature or a flat model plays a certain role. Convex traffic mirrors allow a wider field of visionso that you keep an eye on most of what's going on behind you. The disadvantage, however, that can not always be correctly estimated by the distortions occurring, distances of road users and traffic situation.

Mirror size for e-bikes: Basically, the size and dimensions of a wheel mirror have something to do primarily with the taste; but not if a bike mirror is required for the e-bike or pedelec. If this is the case, the rearview mirror for the bicycle must have a mirror surface of at least 50 square centimeters.

If you want to know more about e-bikes, you are welcome to visit our e-bike comparison. In its issue 07/2016, Stiftung Warentest even carried out an e-bike test in which of a total of 15 models, seven were graded "good" but five also "poor".

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: bicycle

4. Questions and answers around the subject of bicycle mirrors

Are questions left open? You may find the answers in the concluding chapter of our bike mirror comparison.

4.1. Which important brands and manufacturers are there?

Bicycle mirror comparison 2018: bicycle

A bicycle mirror from Busch & Müller suitable for e-bikes.

A good bike mirror test often features models from certain brands and manufacturers that have made a name for themselves in the bicycle accessory market. These include above all the French company Zéfal, in addition to bicycle mirrors u. a. known for the production of bicycle air pumps, pedals or pinging, as well the German company Busch & Müller, which has particularly attracted attention with dynamo headlamps and bicycle lights. Other important manufacturers can be found in the following overview:

  • Blackburn
  • boom Wave
  • Busch & Müller
  • CatEye
  • Combike
  • Various
  • Humpert
  • staple
  • Mirrycle
  • Profex
  • Proline
  • SunLite
  • TecGadgets
  • Third Eye
  • XLC
  • Zéfal

4.2. What do bicycle mirrors cost?

Most bicycle mirrors move in oneRange from a few to about 30 euros. But there are also models that can cost up to 80 euros. For a good glass rearview mirror, however, you should not spend more than 30 euros.

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