Bicycle pump comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the bicycle pump comparison or test 2018

  • There are different types of valves for bicycles: A Sclaverand valve can be found on mountain bikes or racing bikes, a car valve on children's or city bikes and a Dunlop valve on trekking bikes.
  • The tire pressure determines the rolling resistance of the tires. The higher the tire pressure, the lower the rolling resistance.
  • Mini pumps are a good tip for traveling. However, for the home or for a completely flat tire we recommend a larger floor pump.

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: 2018

Germany is a cycling country: According to a statistic of the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) every year in our country around 2.4 billion euros in sales earned. The Germans are not only on the way to work on the pedals, even long bike rides through nature are on families at weekends. Especially there it is unfavorable, when on the way air gradually escapes from the tires.

Therefore, you should always have an air pump on longer distances, otherwise cycling will quickly become tedious and the fun will be lost. Some specimens are easy to attach to the wheel. But even at home you should be equipped with a comfortable bicycle pump to start well.

Since there are different types and designs of air pumps, we would like to thank you in our Bicycle Pump Comparison 2018 Give a purchase advice and inform you what to look out for when you want to buy a pump.

1. What is a bicycle pump?


With bicycle pumps you can not only inflate bicycle hoses, but also - if the valve fits - air mattresses, balls or car tires.

Most bicycle pumps are so-called piston pumps, This means, they consist of a cylinder into which a piston is pulled in and out. When the piston is pulled out of the cylinder, air can flow into the cylinder. When pushing in the piston, the inflowing air is compressed and sealed everything. The piston compresses the air and then flows directly into the tire.

The valve on the bicycle hose ensures that the air from the tire can not escape back into the pump.

To help you control the pressure in the tires, some pumps also have a pressure gauge.

Tip: Usually you have to pump 20 to 40 times, so that the bicycle tube is fully inflated again.

2. Which types of bicycle pumps are available?

At a bicycle pump test it becomes clear: The products differ in terms of their operation. Whichever type you choose, you should depend on what type of work you are best at.

Mini pumpFloor pumpFoot Pump

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: bicycle

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: bicycle

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: bicycle

  • small, light, handy
  • mountable on frame or luggage carrier
  • Also fits in saddlebags or backpacks
  • small piston stroke - strenuous, tedious pumping

  • is served standing up
  • Pressure on piston via T-shaped handle
  • Stand is fixed with the feet
  • ideal for use at home or in the workshop
  • fast pumping thanks to large stroke
  • often has pressure gauge
  • is operated via pressure on foot pedal
  • relatively heavy and unwieldy
  • comfortable operation
  • Often also suitable for air mattresses

Electric bicycle pumps

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: comparison

Electric pumps offer the highest level of comfort and can usually also be used to inflate car tires.

The greatest comfort of all pump types definitely offers the Electric air pump, This bicycle pump will connected to the mains and then pumps automatically and without further efforts on your part the tires on.

Especially these specimens are perfect for supplying air mattresses, inflatable boats or car tires with air.

The electric bicycle pump thus moves in the area of ​​the compressors. Therefore, they should pay particular attention to high quality in these products.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mini bicycle pump

  • good for traveling
  • can be easily mounted to the wheel
  • low weight
  • low comfort, more difficult handling
  • unsuitable for completely flat tires

Advantages and disadvantages of a stationary bicycle pump

  • high stability
  • comfortable pumping with the arms
  • possibly pressure indication incl.
  • Also available as an electric pump, the pump will work automatically
  • bulky
  • can not be easily clamped on the road

Advantages and disadvantages of a foot bicycle pump

  • very high stability
  • comfortable pumping with the foot
  • pressure indicator
  • very bulky
  • not suitable for traveling
  • heavy

3. Purchase criteria for a bicycle pump: You must pay attention to this

So that you are satisfied with your air pump, we recommend that you check your personal bicycle pump test winner for the following categories:

3.1. Right pump for the bike type

Depending on the design of the bike and depending on the terrain in which it is driven, the tires need different air pressure.

The tire pressure influences the rolling resistance, The higher the pressure, the lower the resistance and the easier it will be for the cyclist to get started.

You can calculate the optimal air pressure for your bike by dividing the driver's weight by a factor of ten.

But you should not simply inflate the tires blind, but be sure to note the maximum pressure, You will find these directly on the hose or jacket of the tire. The pressure is measured in the unit "bar". Road bikes need more pressure in the tires than regular bikes. Therefore, a bicycle pump for the road bike must also be able to produce relatively high air pressure.

A bike pump for a road bike should be able to create nine bar, for normal bikes a pump with four bar.

In general it can be said that a mini-bicycle pump is only suitable for giving more pressure to a slightly flat tire on the way. Very flat tires are very difficult to inflate with a mini pump.

Furthermore, the pressure must be very high, it quickly becomes exhausting, with the hand to inflate the tires. Therefore, we recommend an electric bicycle pump for racing bikes.

In any case, you should use the pressure indicator of the bicycle pump very accurately, because An improperly inflated bike is very prone to wear and holes through sharp-edged objects.

3.2. Suitable bicycle pump for your valve

Not every bicycle air pump fits on every valve. Either you pay attention when buying exactly which wheel you have and then look for example, the appropriate floor pump or buy in addition an adapter for the bicycle pump.

Valve species

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: comparison

A set of different adapters makes your compressor or your air pump universally applicable.

On mountain bikes or racing bikes are often found so-called Presta valveswhich are also known as French valves or Presta valves. These valves are compared to the others especially slim, since they only have a diameter of 6.5 mm.

Normal bikes, such as children's bikes or city bikes, are usually equipped with car valveswhich are 8.5 mm in diameter wide. For such valves you will need a bicycle pump for a car valve, Also known as Schrader valve.

A third type of valve is on trekking bikes: the Dunlop valve, For this, for example, you should have a bicycle pump for a lightning valve.

If you do not want to store several different bicycle air pumps in the basement, you are best off with an air pump Universal pump head, This fits each valve to the same bicycle pump.

We have the following Characteristics of the different valves clearly displayed for you:


Bicycle pump comparison 2018: 2018

The car valve is surrounded by a threadthat is easy to see. To attach the bicycle pump to your car valve, you first have to unscrew the protective rubber cap.

If you use a bicycle pump with double head, insert the larger opening on the valve.

The car valve is also still under the name Schrader valve or rAV valve known.


Bicycle pump comparison 2018: 2018

In order to be able to inflate the hose, the small knurled nut on the French valve must be screwed on. Unlike the Dunlop valve is the Sclaverandventil mechanically opened when applying the air pump, So the air pressure can be measured by the pump.

The disadvantage of the French valve that when putting on and stopping the bicycle air pump every time Air escapes, Therefore, you should complete these procedures quickly. After pumping up you have to turn the knurled nut back and put on the protective cap.

Basically, you should pay attention to these particularly sensitive valves, the Valve stem not to bendbut to keep straight while pumping.

Dunlop valve

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: 2018

The Dunlop Valve, also known as the Lightning Valve, is easily recognizable by the fact that it is screwed into a thread on the hose, This makes it very convenient interchangeable.

The inflation of the hose is the same as the Sclaverandventil.

Valve Adapter:

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: bicycle

An adapter for the valve on the tire makes it possible to operate different types of valves with the same air pump.

There are different types of adapter for the bicycle pumps. With them you can adjust inappropriate valves to air pumps or gas station compressors.


  • Sclaverand valve on Dunlop valve
  • Sclaverand valve / Dunlop valve on car valve
  • Car valve on Dunlop valve

Apart from valve adapters, there are also Rim Adapter, For example, if you want to install a hose with a Sclaverand valve in a rim with a hole for a Dunlop or car valve, the valve will be very loose and could easily be pulled out by bending. With the help of an adapter, which is stuffed into the rim hole, the valve gets enough hold.

3.3. manometer

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: pump

The pressure in view: Some mini pumps have a pressure gauge ex works.

A pressure gauge measures the pressure of the tire when pumping and is often attached in analogue form with pointer indication. Very often there is a manometer with a floor pump as a bicycle pump. At the foot of the frame, the user can then easily read how high the tire pressure is. Even with foot pumps almost always a manometer is installed.

If you only use a mini bicycle pump, you can also buy a pressure gauge and fasten it to your pump.

In any case, but you should make sure that the Display at least up to 11 bar is enough to be able to inflate road bikes without problems.

4. That says Stiftung Warentest

In its issue 08/2015, the Stiftung Warentest presents the results of a bicycle pump test by its Swiss partner organization "Konsumenteninfo".

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: pump

Illuminated valve caps not only make it easier to find valves in the dark, but also increase the visibility of the bike when the wheels are rotating.

Among the mini air pumps, the "Lezyme Alloy Drive" and the "Specialized Airtool MTB" performed well. The "Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2" and "SKS Air-x-Press Control" impressed with the stand-alone air pumps.

5. Manufacturers and brands of bicycle pumps

The market has a large number of manufacturers and brands selling mini pumps and bicycle air pumps with and without pressure gauge. Discounters often offer bicycle accessories in many promotions and special offers. There you can get cheap bicycle pumps, which can also be well made.

If you want to buy a high quality bicycle pump, we have one here List of renowned manufacturers put together for you:

  • SKS
  • Oakland
  • Prophete
  • XLC
  • Lezyne
  • Points
  • Topeak
  • Blackburb
  • Filmer
  • Meqix
  • syncros
  • Xtreme
  • Airace
  • BBB
  • Beto
  • Profex

6. Questions and answers about bicycle pumps

6.1. How much is a bicycle pump adapter?

What does not fit is made to fit: With an adapter for the bicycle pump, you can adapt your pump to each valve. Such an adapter you get, inter alia, in the shop; it costs between one and two euros.

6.2. What is a bicycle pump orchestra?

In a bicycle pump orchestra, players sit on the chair in front of the conductor with different bicycle pumps and play their "instruments" in a classic piece. But see for yourself:

6.3. How to use a bicycle pump?

The handling of an air pump is a little different depending on the valve type. In section 3.2. we have already explained the handling of the different valves in detail, here is a small summary:

  • At a car valve must first be unscrewed before inflating the rubber cap.
  • At a Sclaverand valve a metal cap must be loosened before pumping.
  • At a Dunlop valve first the dust cap and a metal valve must be loosened before the air pump can be attached.

After you have opened the valve, proceed as follows:

Bicycle pump comparison 2018: comparison

Perfect companion for on the go: Handy mini-air pumps fit any frame.
  • The recommended tire pressure (in bar) can be read on the tire itself. There you will see the minimum and maximum values.
  • Put the pump on the valve.
  • Pump to the desired bar value.
  • Check the tire pressure again a few days later.

6.4. Where to buy a bicycle pump?

Nowadays, you can conveniently order the best bike pump on the Internet for you and have it delivered to your home after you have made a bike pump comparison on the Internet, The purchase in the specialized trade offers the advantage that you can be well advised and be able to test and evaluate the products on site.

Or wait for the next offer from discounters like Aldi or Lidl. These have at regular intervals actions, where you can buy accessories for the bike, such as a mini-bicycle pumps or a stationary bicycle pump.

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