Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the bicycle tool box comparison or test 2018

  • A bicycle tool box contains about 30 tools (or tools) that you need to work on your bike. For about 70 euros, you can buy a basic equipment that enables you to carry out repairs or installation work on the bike independently.
  • While on-the-go cycling tools (multitools) weigh only about 200 grams, you can not easily carry a tool case with you. The suitcase, which weighs around 4 kilograms, even contains torque wrenches, chain whips and repair kits, which you can use to work on your bicycle handlebar, the sprocket set or the bicycle tire.
  • If you do not want to drive straight to the bike repair shop for each repair, but have a little manual skill, you can quickly save 50 euros (for example for spoking and centering the rear wheel) or more with a good bicycle tool box. In addition, ambitious screwdrivers can get more out of their bikes and adapt them to their own needs.

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: bicycle

Who is often on his mountain bike (MTB) on the road, who will sooner or later have to make a - larger or smaller - repair. Whether the bottom bracket, the circuit or the rims: In a bicycle are often all components are exposed to high loads, which makes a repair inevitable.

Unpack the bike tool, hang the bike on the bike stand and screw it a little on the nuts - how expensive can it be when the professional applies the bicycle tool? In our Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018 we would like to show you the prices you can expect:

Price list: How much does a bicycle repair cost you?

  • Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: comparison

    12 euros:
    Removal and installation of a rear wheel (derailleur)
  • 44 euros: Spoke in and center rear wheel (hub gear)
  • 24 euros: Replace rear derailleur (rear)
  • 24 euros: Change chain and sprocket (rear) (hub gear)
  • 32 euros: Change bottom bracket
  • 4 euros: Change pedals

(Remember also the approach and the hourly rate of the craftsman!)

1. Save up to 20 euros and change your bicycle tire yourself

A good bike tool kit includes all the tools you need to get started To repair your bike independently, Whether you change a tire, shorten the bicycle chain or fix the bike stand: The suitcase holds the appropriate tool ready.

It must first between two types of tools for the bicycle differentiated with which you can tackle the maintenance of the bike:

Multi ToolsBike Repair

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: 2018

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: bicycle

Example: Topeak Alien 3Example: Super B TBA 2000
Cost: 43 eurosCost: 94 euros
~ 25 tools~ 35 tools
0.3 kg weight3.1 kg weight
ideal for traveling: Downhill, Trails, City etc.
difficult handling of the individual tools
for comprehensive repairs on the bicycle
not very mobile, rather for the garage / workshop
Multitools are popular mountain bike or MTB tools that can be taken with the sport and used even on downhill rides. For a repair of your bike, however, a product in the category Tool Case is always the better choicebecause it is equipped with extensive bicycle special tools (such as pedal wrench, bowden pliers or torque wrench).

Even if you buy a cheap bike tool case, you have one solid basic equipment for the most common assembly work on the bike, Although the number of components of a well-equipped tool case is important, but which tool you should not do without, see the following chapter.

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: tool

2. From crank to chain: bike tool and what you need it for

When it comes to tools for your bike, you can quickly lose track. We'll explain what really matters in a bike tool kit test.

2.1. Bicycle Tool Kit: You can not repair a bicycle without the Allen and wrench

... does not that mean screwdriver?

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: 2018

The common formulation screwdriver does not completely fulfill the function of a screwdriver. The tool can namely screws not only pull, but also screw in.

Common screwdriver types:

  • screwdriver for flat-head screws
  • Phillips screwdriver for Phillips screws
  • Hex Driver for external or internal hexagon heads
  • Torx screwdriver for screws with six-round profile

When choosing your bike toolbox test winner, be sure to first the most important tools pay attention to every bike workshop:

  1. Allen key or Allen key: The Allen key (actually a brand name) is probably the most important bicycle tool ever. The reason for this is the cheap production and the small size of the keys (compared to a 15 inch ring spanner). Hexagon socket screws are found on the whole bike - mostly in different sizes. So what you need is a set of allen keys, from 2 to 10 mm Size.
  2. Ring or open-end wrench: A tool that almost every craftsman has in his tool box is the open-end wrench. Our recommendation is that every bicycle tool case at least a 15-inch open-end or ring spanner should include, for example, with which you can change the pedals of your bike. Other special tools include:Pedalschlüssel (long open-end wrench for better leverage), Konusschlüssel (especially flat open-end wrench), Adjustable Wrench (adjustable open-end wrench), Headset Wrench (to loosen or fix the bicycle fork) ortorque wrench (for hydraulic screws, such as the bicycle handlebar or bicycle saddle).
  3. Screwdriver: Regardless of whether Slotted and Torx Screwdrivers - There is a suitable screwdriver for every screw on your bike. Just when you plan to work the star-shaped screws on your bicycle brakes, you will not be able to get past a torx screwdriver.

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: bicycle

2.2. Which tools distinguish a bicycle tool case from the multitool?

In addition to the significantly better handling of separate tools, tool boxes are characterized by a wealth of tools compared to multitools. The following parts are the most important for a comprehensive repair of the bicycle:

  • Chain: for an adaptation (lengthening, shortening, separating, joining) of the bicycle chain
  • Chain Whip: for fixing the sprocket assembly (during assembly work)
  • repair kit: to patch a broken bicycle tube (with hardly a multitool included)

Well hung: the bike on the repair stand

Mondays on the bike can be ideally in the local garage and with the help of a MTB bike stand carry out. Good bike tool is stable and flexible, so you will not get in trouble with any screw. However, the work becomes much easier with the bike-mount stand.

3. Questions and answers about the topic of bicycle tool cases

3.1. Which manufacturers and brands of bicycle toolboxes are there?

If you are looking for a bicycle tool case or a bicycle tool bag from a reputed manufacturer, we can offer you the brands Topeak, Red Cycling Products and XLC recommend. For a basic set of various tool sets, however, you can also choose other manufacturers, which you can find in the following list.

  • Park Tool
  • BBB
  • Famex
  • Red Cycling Products
  • rose
  • Timbertech
  • XLC
  • Tec Take
  • Topeak
  • Norma
  • Superb

Repair tips for the bike tour:

Stiftung Warentest has published an e-book entitled "Good to know: repairing bicycles on the road", in which you will find some information about bike repair for about 4 euros. Topics such as the steering, the brakes or the wheel are picked up and presented comprehensibly in image and text.

3.2. How much does a filled or empty bicycle tool box weigh?

Calculate here with a weight of about 3 to 5 kg. For a mobile application you should therefore rather use a multitool (about 200 g).

3.3. What material should the tool case or the tool itself consist of?

Bicycle Tool Case Comparison 2018: 2018

Torx bits: You can recognize a Torx key on the general profile by using, for example, can adjust the brakes of your bike.

The suitcase or the box for the bicycle tool is mostly made of insensitive plastic, In the tool itself, they will often encounter special tool steel - the alloys chrome vanadium steel or chrome molybdenum steel. These special steel alloys are optimally adapted to the requirements of the workshop and will provide you with excellent care with good care. However, do not expose your tool to prolonged wetness to prevent corrosion or rust.

3.4. Does every bike tool kit have a bicycle pump?

No, unfortunately not. On the contrary, even the best bike toolbox barely has enough room for a bulky bicycle air pump.

A bicycle pump for your bicycle tool - our purchase advice:

If you want to enrich your MTB tool with a reliable bicycle pump, you should get one multifunctional damper pump set. You can use the Fill the shock absorber and the suspension fork as well as the bicycle tires of your mountain bike with air or check the pressure with the help of the manometer.

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