Bicycle tool comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the bicycle tool comparison or test 2018

  • With a good bike tool, you can repair your bike on the move, for example, with a plate or with concentricity errors.
  • The basic equipment for a bicycle tool on the go includes Allen key, screwdriver, chain tool, tire lever and spanner.
  • It is advisable to additionally buy tire patches, which are usually not included in bicycle tools.

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: 2018

Cycling is more trendy than ever. According to a study published on, over 90% of respondents at least sometimes repair their own bikes and 45% even carry out all repairs themselves. The worse, if that happens: just smoothly graveled across the street, the tire becomes stiff and stiff a telltale hiss leaves no doubt that a plate threatens.

You do not have to worry about these and similar scenarios if you have a good bicycle tool on the road. With this handy helper you can annoying mishaps like flat tires or loose screws easily fix.

In our Bicycle Tool Purchase Advice 2018 you will learn which components should be included in a tool set and which tool can still belong to a repair collection.

1. Bicycle tools in comparison - the perfect partner for on the go

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: 2018

Handy multitools like the Topeak Hummer 2 are ideal for traveling.

Bicycle tool sets on the go are usually so-called bicycle multitools, with which you have space-saving and handy everything you need.

In contrast to the bicycle tool case, which is used more at home, they are small and easy to transport, e.g. in a small saddlebag.

On Always have a bicycle tool with you when you're out and about, is highly recommended, After all, most breakdowns do not happen at home in the garage, but while driving, just when you need it the least.

Danger: The more functions the bicycle tool set brings, the heavier and more expensive it usually is. So when you buy, consider which features are really necessary for you and which ones are less. Allen key, screwdriver and a chain tool should always be there.

2. Bike tool is available as a multitool and in a suitcase

In our table you can see the two categories of bicycle tools:


Bicycle tool comparison 2018: tire

With a multitool tool, all tools are connected to each other via a central fan-out system. You have all tools at hand at the same time with this type.

Advantages and disadvantages

Devices are connected and can not be lost
can sometimes be less handy


Bicycle tool comparison 2018: bicycle

In this type, the tools are loosely housed in a suitcase and each can be removed individually as needed.

Advantages and disadvantages

all devices separately accessible, easier to use
Items can be lost

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: comparison

3. Bicycle Tool Essentials: That must be in there


Bicycle tool comparison 2018: tool

3.1. An Allen key for opening hexagon screws

Probably the most important accessories for a bicycle tool set are the so-called Allen keys, The key referred to in the jargon as hexagon key belong to the bicycle tool basic equipment, since almost all screws used in a bicycle are hexagon socket screws. The screws have a different diameter and therefore the Allen key are also available in different thicknesses.

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: 2018

3.2. A screwdriver opens all other screws

If a screw on a bicycle is not a hexagon screw, it is often a slotted or Phillips screw. To turn this out, The bicycle tool also contains classic screwdrivers, Depending on how the tip is shaped, you can use it Edit cross or slotted screws.

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: comparison

3.3. A chain driver makes it possible to edit the bicycle chain

With a chain tool you can push out the bolt that holds the links of the bicycle chain together. This allows you to replace chain links and lengthen or shorten the chain. This is helpful if the chain is too short, too long or broken.

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: tire

3.4. With the spoke tensioner you can adjust the position of the spokes

A spoke tensioner is useful when your bike is no longer running or you have a figure eight in the tire. With a spoke tensioner can namely the Spoke nipple that holds the spokes together, loosened or tensioned as needed, So also new spokes can be inserted.

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: 2018

3.5. A tire lever helps with the tire change

A tire lever is essential when changing tires. With it you can, as the name implies, lift the old tire from the rim to relieve it. It is a small plastic rod with a hook and with the between tire and rim can be penetrated.

Due to the increased leverage, the tire can be lifted off the rim relatively easily, Then the tire lever can be inserted between the tire and the rim, so that the tire does not slip back onto the rim. With two or more tire lifts the tire change works even easier.

Tip: The best bike tool set should be light and handy so you can take it with you on the move. Our bike tools comparison winners are all right lightweights (150 to 250 grams), which you can easily accompany everywhere, be it on the way to work, the mountain bike tour or a family outing.

Bicycle tool comparison 2018: 2018

4. Questions and answers about bicycle tools

4.1. What belongs in a bicycle tool box?

Bicycle Repair: Additional useful tools

Although bicycle tools are very practical and bundle many important functions in a set, there are some important devices that (in most cases) are not included in such a multitool or tool case and are nevertheless essential. These aids are worth an additional purchase, as many bicycle tool tests show:

  • bicycle pump
  • tire Boot
  • Multi-purpose key

In addition to the instruments contained in bicycle tool sets, you will need additional tools and equipment for home repairs. So you soon have a solid set of bicycle tools together,can perform most common repairs yourself and give up the workshop visit.

A Air pump is essential and belongs to the basic equipment. As tools are offered in addition a ratchet wrench and a torque wrench on. Also an additional tire iron makes sense.

The Chain, sprockets, trains and disc brake pads must be replaced if necessary due to wear, Here it is therefore advisable to have one spare each in stock. spare tubes should of course also belong to your stock.

4.2. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet published a bicycle tool test and not a bike tool test winner. However, there is a very useful and recommendable guide book published by the foundationthat you can buy here. In it you will find all the central information about the topics of bicycle, repair and roadside assistance.

4.3. What are important brands and manufacturers?

Well-known manufacturers are Park Tool, Pedros and cycle, Also Crankbrothers, Topeak orSuperb make very good bicycle tools. OnSigma and Profex You can contact if you want to buy good and cheap bicycle tool.

  • Crankbrothers
  • cycle
  • Sigma
  • Topeak
  • Superb
  • Park Tool
  • Pedros
  • Profex

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