To renovate the beer garbage set

Beer tent sets are very practical and therefore widely used. But even a beer table set naturally suffers from various factors. However, a beer tent set can be easily renovated. Which points to consider and how to professionally renovate a beer tent set, you will learn in this guide.

Beer tent sets offer many advantages

Beer table sets have spread rapidly from Bavaria. That's no wonder, after all, they are versatile and have many practical advantages:

  • collapsible and space saving
  • always looks good
  • Suitable as pure garden furniture, but also for festivities
  • simple but robust construction

There are also many other reasons that speak for a beer table or marquee garnish. This leads so far that even the beer table itself is very popular. But whether home-built or bought beer table clothing, weather and use leave traces. However, this is not a problem as you can easily and professionally renovate a traditional beer tent set.

Renovation of the beer tent set: to be observed in advance

The beer tent set consists of two important components: wooden seat and table surface, metal stand.

The wood

Depending on what type of wood it is (solid wood, wood composites, indigenous or tropical wood, etc.) it must be considered when renovating:

  • Tropical woods are very oily and therefore well protected against moisture
  • native woods react violently to moisture and frost, so they must always be protected
  • Wood composites are extremely sensitive to moisture

With the tropical woods, it is not tragic if the paint or glaze flakes off a bit. Nevertheless, it should then be taken into account during wintering that the pieces of furniture must be stored as dry and frost-proof as possible. Otherwise, the renovation follows the usual requirements for renovations of pieces of wood.

Grind and varnish beer table trim

The wood has to be sanded. Then it is neat to clean from sanding dust. Now it can either be glazed or varnished. When using wood preservative glazes, make sure that they do not contain substances that are harmful to your health as, of course, foods etc. are also stored on such a table.

When painting, we recommend a primer in advance. But always make sure that the wood is really dry before painting or glazing, because with conventional glazes and paintwork the moisture in the wood can no longer escape.

The metal components

The renovation of the metal components is based on similar aspects. Again, different materials have to be considered:

  • pure metal profiles without further protection (apart from the paint)
  • galvanized metal profiles
  • Metal profiles made of aluminum

Pure metal profiles are usually sanded with finally a grain size around the 400 to 600. The parts are carefully derusted. Subsequently, primer and paint can be applied. Painted aluminum profiles should not be sanded down to the bare aluminum. Because then immediately forms an oxidation layer, which can also paint only badly cling. In the house journal you will find numerous guides and instructions. Similarly, a galvanizing must be considered. It can not be painted on.

Other components

Beer table sets are characterized by the fact that they are foldable. For this purpose, some metal parts must be movable and a snapper is needed. Traditionally, these require no care. However, if the beer table set is used exclusively by you and you want to keep the condition as good as new, allow the moving parts a little oil or grease each year. Explicitly the life of the snapper is extended. If some of these components are defective: there are retailers that you can easily find on the Internet, offering the appropriate spare parts for beer table sets.

Tips & Tricks

Otherwise the same rules apply as for other garden furniture. Do not expose the beer table set to extreme moisture. Winterize the set dry and frost-proof, but not too warm (boiler room).

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