Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for bike bags comparison or test 2018

  • Most storage space offers bags for the luggage rack. For the big trip, buy a set of three or more panniers for attachment to the rear and front wheels. Pay attention to waterproof materials.
  • Bicycle bags for the front wheel make sense only in conjunction with luggage carrier bags. Without luggage carrier bags, the load distribution is unfavorable.
  • Always pay attention to the maximum permitted payload and an even load distribution. The maximum equipment consists of pockets for rear wheel, front wheel, saddlebag, triangle pocket and handlebar bag.

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: 2018

Bicycle bags for shopping in the city or the big trip - there is the right model for every requirement and every bicycle.

Whether waterproof luggage carrier bag or bicycle bags with anti-theft device: Find out everything worth knowing in our Bicycle Bag Comparison 2018 and find the bags for your tour to the supermarket or far away countries. You can buy your bike bags for the whole family according to your individual needs.

1. Pannier Comparison: Which panniers are there?

For the transport of purchases or luggage by bicycle, there are suitable bags that differ in addition to other properties by the place of attachment. The following overview represents the selection:


Bicycle bags for the rear wheel

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: bicycle

  • ideal for quickly stowing a lot of luggage

Bicycle bags for the front wheel

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: comparison

  • offers additional storage space in conjunction with rear wheel bag
  • individually not usable, since the weight distribution is unfavorable


Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: comparison

  • very easy to reach while driving
  • less storage space than rear wheel pockets


Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: comparison

  • ideal for tools, repair kit or similar
  • quick installation, inconspicuous fit

triangular pouches

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: 2018

  • Ideal for replacement hoses, repair kits, tools and other small parts
  • quick installation possible (eg with Velcro fasteners
  • too wide triangular pockets affect the ride comfort
Tip:As the first bicycle bag is usually recommended a one-sided bicycle bag for the rear wheel. This is great for shopping and transporting your laptop on the way to work.

2. Selection criteria of bicycle bags: cheap or expensive?

What distinguishes a good bike bag? The following table clearly shows the important selection criteria. For safety reasons, you should be able to secure the bicycle bag with a bicycle lock from thieves.

For good visibility on the road, reflective elements should be part of the equipment. The criteria for the bicycle bag comparison in the overview:

selection criteriondescription
product type
  • Double-pack bag,
  • Saddlebag
  • Pannier Triangle,
  • Rear pocket,
  • Bicycle bag for handlebars,
  • Bag for front wheel
  • Clip-on bracket,
  • Velcro,
  • Hook or
  • jam
Volume in liters
  • small bag on the saddle for tools or
  • large bag on the luggage rack for heavy loads
  • Clip-On,
  • Zipper or
  • cover
Weight and material
  • robust,
  • tear-resistant,
  • dirt repellent or
  • waterproof
  • on interior layout inside and
  • pay attention to reflective elements outside
  • With castle or
  • suitable for bicycle lock

3. Advantages and disadvantages of the different product types

Main difference of the different bicycle bags is beside the place of attachment the available space. In addition to the following types, there are also small bike bags especially for the children's bike.

3.1. The advantages and disadvantages of Panniers for luggage carriers in the overview

  • a lot and heavy luggage belongs in a double bag (weight distribution)
  • Rear wheel bag also available as a one-sided bicycle side bag
  • no restrictions while driving
  • can also be used as a backpack depending on the model
  • not suitable for bicycles without luggage rack
  • relatively large
  • higher space requirement when parking
  • on wheels with small frame size contact is possible when pedaling

Danger: Pay attention to the maximum permitted load, usually up to 25 kg for normal carriers, and up to 40 kg for travel bikes.

3.2. The advantages and disadvantages of the saddlebag on the bike and the triangular pocket in the overview

  • ideal for storing tools and repair tools
  • small bicycle bag, light and unobtrusive
  • no restrictions while driving
  • Ideal for racing bikes and other bikes without luggage rack suitable
  • very little storage space
  • A too wide bicycle bag triangle scrubs the thighs

3.3. Advantages and disadvantages of handlebar bag

  • Ideal for light luggage such as jacket and maps
  • The bicycle bag for handlebars is suitable for storing food
  • constant accessibility while driving
  • optimal placement of the cycling map
  • not difficult to load
  • interferes with high load while steering
  • usually an adapter is necessary for attachment

3.4. Advantages and disadvantages of the bag for the front wheel

  • maximum utilization of the available space
  • offers the largest storage volume after the bag for the rear wheel
  • Better load distribution than with maximum loading of luggage carrier bags
  • The Lowrider place the weight far ahead and deep
  • require additional brackets
  • interferes with high load while steering
  • Not every model fits every bike
  • only useful when using rear wheel bags

4. What do I have to pay attention to when mounting?

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: bicycle

Panniers for the porter are ideal for shopping and longer tours.

The attachment of the bicycle bags must go fast, and the bag must be quickly and easily remove. The alternative to hooks and clamps are practical clip-on brackets.

Bags with these fastening systems are particularly suitable for quick shopping, because you can convert them from a bicycle bag to a backpack or carry it as a shoulder bag. Flexible models are for attachment with Velcro stripsHowever, these are sometimes not so secure fix.

5. What volume should the bicycle bag have?

The bike storage bag has the largest storage space, which offers enough space for your luggage for multi-day tours. Double bags of 20 liters each are a good choice for long trips.

The front bicycle bag provides additional space for your travel accessories, The luggage rack bag test always indicates the volume. Handlebar bags provide around seven to ten liters of storage space.

6. Bicycle bag comparison - which closure?

Lidded models are the classics for the luggage rack and quickly open and closed. Alternatives are bicycle bags with zipper and velcro. Make sure that they are also waterproof. Bags for the handlebar often also integrate a small compartment for the slot of the smartphone, the closure is then usually via a zipper.

7. What should I look for in terms of material, design and safety?

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: bicycle

The bicycle frame bag even offers space for a tablet.

The bag should be robust and tearproof. Look for durable materials that protect your luggage or grocery from rain and splashing.

Bike bag testing shows that many waterproof bags are made of PVC. PVC is suspected of being carcinogenic due to treatment with plasticisers.

A good alternative is luggage bags made of polyurethane (PU), which contain less harmful substances. Particularly chic is the bike bag made of leather, complete rain cover can be reached with an additional rain cover for slipping over.

For transport from the laptop, choose a sturdy frame made of bicycle frame. These usually have a practical interior layout. Bicycle panniers with reflective elements contribute to better visibility on the road. The luggage rack covers the rear wheel and the cat's eyes, so they should have extra reflectors.

Safety is an important consideration for any rack bag test. An additional anti-theft device protects the contents from thieves or the entire bag from being easily removed. Since this is usually only a thin wire loop, the protection is limited. Valuable items should no longer be left unobserved in a bicycle bag.

8. Important manufacturers and brands in the bicycle bag comparison

Bicycle Bags Comparison 2018: 2018

The bicycle bag on the handlebars provides space for provisions and the cycling map.

What distinguishes a bicycle bag? In the opinion of the editors of Ökotest this must be stable, waterproof and made of pollutant-free materials.

However, in the bicycle bag test by Ökotest only two models were able to fulfill this requirement, From the Stiftung Warentest there is so far no test of bicycle bags.

Important brands of high quality are known for best bicycle bags like Vaude, Ortlieb bags and Basil.

The bicycle bag by Vaude is available as waterproof bicycle bagsThe Aqua bags can be put on for convenient onward transport. In addition, large and small bags made of durable materials for the handlebar and saddle are available.

The models of the brand convince with stable processing, reliable fastening system and are made climate neutral in Germany. Some of the bags are waterproof or there is this with additional rain protection.

Ortlieb panniers are also available as waterproof bicycle panniers, The brand has been producing high-quality bicycle bags for more than 30 years, which can be sealed watertight. Ortlieb-Back-Roller-Classic protect the contents even in the rain and are a real classic.

The Ortlieb Velocity is a messenger bag and a good choice for leisure use. Take a closer look at the features of the Ortlieb Back Roller Plus, Ortlieb front scooter and Ortlieb Front Roller Plus. Basil is a Dutch brand. In addition to bicycle bags, the manufacturer also produces high-quality bicycle baskets and offers other bicycle accessories.

9. FAQ about bicycle bags

9.1. Which equipment is indispensable for long journeys by bicycle?

Safety and comfort play an important role on long journeys. A road bike saddle is therefore generally not suitable for the world trip, better is a bicycle saddle with better protection.

If there is not enough storage space in the bicycle bags, attach a bicycle trailer hitch to the bike and also pull a bicycle trailer. High-quality bicycle accessories increase driving pleasure and safety.

9.2. How to pack bicycle bags correctly?

Easily accessible and safely stowed it should be: Luggage such as extra shoes and other heavy equipment belong in the rear wheel bags.

Small stuff of all kinds takes place in the saddle and triangle bag. The provisions and rain jacket are included in the handlebar bag, and the front wheel storage bags allow you to store light luggage.

9.3. What do the IP designations mean for bicycle bags?

The IP designations describe the protective effect against water and dust:

  • IP 5x: stands for dust protection, low dust penetration is possible
  • IP 6x: absolutely dustproof
  • IP x3: Protection against spray water at a 60-degree angle to the vertical
  • IP x4: protection against splashing water from all directions
  • IP x /: Protection against penetrating water for 30 minutes when submerged to a depth of one meter.

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