Bicycle pedals comparison 2018

Purchase advice for bicycle pedal comparison or test 2018

  • Bicycle pedals are an important component in transmitting the pedaling force required to drive the bicycle.
  • Depending on the type, bike pedals with rubber blocks, claws or click systems are available, making them suitable for a variety of bike types and uses.
  • During pedal assembly, the direction of rotation plays an important role, otherwise damage to the pedal thread and the pedal crank threaten.

Bicycle pedals comparison 2018: pedals

The bike has the car as an emission-free means of transport much ahead. But for locomotion it requires muscle power, which is true for both recreational cyclists and road cyclists. Where in the car the engine, transmission and differential are responsible for the drive transmission, the cyclist has significantly fewer components that allow him to move his vehicle.

In addition to the chain, which transmits the treadle, especially the pedals play an important role. For this we now offer you the bike pedals comparison 2018 as well as a purchase advice with information Pedal types, the material and the purposeso you can choose the best bike pedals when you buy. At this point, we would also like to draw your attention to our further product comparisons on the subject of bicycles, which we have carried out for you:

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1. The pedal - irreplaceable for the bicycle drive

Since when are bicycle pedals available?

Pedals as such have existed since the second half of the 19th century. The first models were usually made of wood or metal and were often equipped with a belt, with the foot could be fixed on the pedal.

Bicycle pedals will be mounted on both cranks, which in turn transmit the pedaling force to the drive wheel via the chain by means of one or more chainrings.

The pedal itself consists of the tread surface and a ball-bearing axle, with which it can be turned around its own axis. For attachment to the crank a thread is provided. In addition to a large type and color choice, bicycle pedals also have a choice between different materials from which they are made.

2. Which purchasing criteria apply to bicycle pedals?

Bicycle pedals comparison 2018: comparison

Bicycle pedals are usually made of steel, aluminum or plastic.

What you should pay attention to when buying bicycle pedals, we would like to explain to you in more detail below, as no bike pedals test has been published so far by Stiftung Warentest.

2.1. pedal type

Before you buy cheap bicycle pedals for your bike type, we recommend that you first identify the correct pedal type for yourself. First, be this To call a block pedal, which represents the standard pedal type. It consists of a block-like pedal body with often black rubber treads.

Another type of pedal is that Platform pedal, which is particularly suitable for mountain bikes due to its relatively large tread. In addition to the first two types, claw pedals or bear claw pedals are also available, which have additional claws for better grip. They are therefore particularly suitable for mountain bikers, for example, who often travel over hill and dale.

Another category is Clipless pedals, however, for the special footwear with so-called shoe or pedal plates (engl. cleats) is necessary. The shoes are then snapped onto the pedals by means of a click system. Their advantage lies in a better effectiveness, as for example when driving uphill, the pedals are "pulled up" and so more power can be transmitted to the rear wheel. Because of their lower practicality, they are therefore primarily used for MTB and road bikes. One example is Shimano's click pedal system, abbreviated to the letters SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics).

2.2. application

Bicycle pedals comparison 2018: bicycle

Bicycle pedals are available for a variety of bicycle types, including children's bikes.

Pedals are quick to install and compatible with most types of bicycles. However, you should still pay attention to restrictions on the usability of the pedals.

Standard pedals are for Trekking or city bikes, road bikes, MTBs, BMX or children's bikes suitable. Exceptions to this are, for example, certain models of older French bicycles and the Dyna Drive System of Shimano, which dates from the 1980s and is rarely found nowadays.

2.3. material

With regard to the materials used in bicycle pedals, it should be noted that these made of steel, plastic or aluminum can be made. Plastic and aluminum pedals offer a weight advantage compared to steel pedals, whereas steel pedals are usually superior in terms of material strength and stability to plastic and aluminum pedals.

2.4. grip

Bicycle pedals comparison 2018: bicycle

The rubber tread of block pedals can wear out over time.

Under grip is to be understood the skid resistance of the pedals. This plays especially in rain or slush on the shoe sole an important role, because with insufficient grip the shoe can slip off the pedals. So there is a risk of injury to legs and feet when it lacks grip.

For the necessary hold on pedals either rubber blocks, a click system or claws, as we have explained in more detail in the chapter on the pedal types.

2.5. reflectors

At this point, we would like to point out that bicycle pedals must be equipped with reflectors for safety reasons. Stay with that Cyclists namely recognizable even after dark for motorists. How reflectors must be attached to bicycle pedals can be deduced from the following paragraph of the StVZO:

"Bicycle pedals must be equipped with front and rear yellow reflectors; Side-facing yellow reflectors on the pedals are allowed. "

Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) § 67 (6)

2.6. mass

Bicycle pedals comparison 2018: 2018

Steel pedals are often heavier than pedals made of aluminum or plastic, which you can convince yourself in a personal bicycle pedals test.

The weight of bicycle pedals is always given for a couple. As can be seen in our comparison, this is in most cases between about 300 to more than 500 g.

We would also like to point out that lighter pedals make it easier to get in and also have less overall impact on the overall weight of the bike.

3. Which bicycle pedals manufacturers are there?

If you now want to choose your own bike pedal test winner, you can not help but choose a suitable manufacturer for you. Here is especially the Japanese brand Shimano founded in 1921 to recommend, which, as a bicycle parts manufacturer, has not only pedals but also a wide range of bicycle accessories and accessories.

In addition, there are also lesser-known manufacturers, but their product range also includes high-quality bicycle pedals. Therefore, you will receive a brand overview from us:

  • Xpedo
  • Shimano
  • Sixpack
  • BBB
  • Speedplay
  • V-Comp
  • Point City
  • XLC

Bicycle pedals comparison 2018: comparison

4. How to mount bicycle pedals?

Now that you've got new pedals for your bike, it's a good idea to add some Follow the instructions when disassembling the old and installing the new pedals.For this we have created the following overview for you:

stepRequired parts and accessories
Disassembly of the old pedalspossibly rust remover (WD-40 or similar), open-end wrench or Allen key size 8 and 10
Cleaning and lubrication of the pedal crank threadRust remover, ball bearing, assembly or multipurpose grease, cloth or similar
Mounting the pedalsnew pedals, open-end wrenches or Allen key sizes 8 and 10

Tip:When mounting the pedals, pay attention to the direction of rotation, which in certain cases is indicated by the letters R and L. The pedal with right-hand thread is screwed in clockwise, whereas that with left-hand thread is mounted in the opposite direction.

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