Painting the bike professionally: These costs are incurred

A technically intact bike with scuffs and quirks can look like new again with a new paint job. How much is the revision of the framework - and is it worthwhile to lend a hand?

The cost of a self-painted bike

If you want to completely paint your old bike yourself, the costs will be very limited. You need about 3 to 5 EUR for a few sheets of sandpaper in different grain sizes.

Alternatively, you simply sandblast your bike, it costs you about 30 EUR and saves you work. Primer and paint from the spray can you get for a total price of about 20 to 30 EUR at the hardware store.

Glue all non-painted areas of your bike with painter's tape and foil, which will cost you another 5 EUR. Overall, you spend between about 30 and 70 EUR for your personally painted bicycle.

These costs are incurred for a professional paint job

Would you like a special finish from a specialist? Or do you fear that your own painting will not meet your requirements? Then contact a professional painter.

This takes a working price of about 50 to 70 EUR per hour, depending on the region and company. Added to this are the costs for the used material. In most cases, your bicycle frame will end up with a clear coat, special coatings cost extra.

Powder coating or wet painting?

  • A powder coating costs you about 130 EUR with primer and a single coat of paint. If special decorative work and clear lacquer are added, you can quickly reach 200 EUR or more.
  • The base price for a good wet paint is around 180 EUR, here you can pay by the realization of special wishes quite more.

Powder coatings are suitable for metal surfaces as the paint layers are thicker and provide better material protection. But not every painter can serve you with this service.

Paint bicycle: a price example

A hobby racing cyclist would like to see his old bike in new splendor. He hired a specialist to grind the bike and paint it with an effect varnish.

Cost overviewprice
1. tap, sand50 EUR
2. Apply primer and varnish90 EUR
3. Material costs40 EUR
total170 EUR

Even investing hands saves money

In order to be able to benefit as much as possible from professional work, you can certainly lend a hand in the preparatory work. Who gives a carefully sanded and taped wheel in the paint shop, which will pay a lower total price.

Tips & Tricks

Before placing your order, discuss the pricing details to avoid surprises afterwards!

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