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Purchase advice on the bicycle saddle comparison or test 2018

  • A bicycle saddle contributes significantly to the comfort while driving. That's the wrong saddle physical tension and cause unpleasant pressure problems in the pubic area of ​​both men and women.
  • The saddle shape should be on the Posture on the bike be coordinated. In this sense, a short, wide saddle is recommended for upright seating positions. When bent, elongated and narrow models make more sense.
  • That too Material of the saddle affects comfort while driving. The most comfortable variant are leather saddles, but they require a longer break-in period and a lot of care. Saddles with plastic cover are weatherproof and comfortable from the first ride, but can become a bit too soft with time.

Bicycle Saddle Comparison 2018: comparison

According to the latest statistics from the WHO (World Health Organization), we would save around € 1,781 a year on health care spending an average of 75 minutes a week on bicycles. These and other exciting statistics on the bike is revealed to us by the Pressedienst-Fahrrad GmbH in their always updated theme sheet. However, to make time on the bike not a nuisance, a comfortable bicycle saddle is required.

We will explain you the criteria for a comfortable fit in our guide of 2018 below Bicycle saddle comparison examines in particular the shapes and materials of bicycle saddles and also gives tips for the proper care of a bicycle saddle.

Attention likelihood of confusion: The term Bicycle seat is not synonymous for bicycle saddle. A bicycle seat is a special infant seating structure that attaches to the luggage rack or to the bicycle crossbar.

1. What is the saddle of a bicycle for?

Bicycle Saddle Comparison 2018: saddle

The seat on a saddle provides grip and stability while driving.

A saddle as a specific bicycle part provides the driver with a seat while pedaling and keeping the bike running. On the one hand, it is the goal of every saddle to increase the comfort of driving, on the other hand, it offers the entire ride over to the biker stability and a breakpoint. The bicycle saddle is therefore only for the convenience and safety of the driver, the bike itself would - assuming the external drive by a driver - even without a saddle able to move forward.

For a bicycle saddle or a colloquial "bicycle saddle" to meet the requirements and the driver is supported in a comfortable manner, must three conditions Being satisfied: The saddle shape should be matched to the type of bike and the rider's posture, the saddle upper should contribute to comfort, and the saddle must be properly aligned with the seat post. In the following chapters from the bicycle saddle test you will learn more about the mentioned criteria.

Saddle Test: Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bicycle Saddle:

  • comfortable sitting on the bike
  • provides stability
  • lowers the effort while driving
  • interchangeable
  • wrong models lead to tension
  • requires care

2. saddle shapes and their peculiarities

Often, a distinction is made between the "ladies bicycle saddle" and the "men's bicycle saddle". This type of distinction is based on the classic allotment of bicycle types by gender, according to which women are on comfortable city bikes and on Dutch bikes while the men use the sportier trekking bikes. Both clichés are now considered outdated and a men's bicycle saddle is just as well suited as a bicycle saddle for women - and vice versa. What influence Saddle shape and seating position on the bike really, we show you in the following table.

saddle shapeapplication
Tour saddle
wide, short
Application: A touring saddle is the typical choice for city bikes such as Citybike and Hollandrad. It is rarely used for sprawling bike rides, but more often for short trips from A to B. Likewise, the average driving speed is limited to 10 to 25 km / h and the saddle is not overly stressed.

Posture: Frequently, this type of saddle is also referred to as a women's bicycle saddle, because its nature supports wide pelvic shapes. However, the position of the rider on the bike also determines how much seat width is needed when driving. As the city bike a upright sitting position is common, it is also recommended for a narrow physique a tend wider saddle.

Road bike saddle
narrow, long
Application: Although road bikes are also increasingly used as a sleek alternative to the slightly chunkier city bike in city traffic, the light-footed wheel is used in particular as a touring bike. His weight has been reduced to the minimum necessary to reach high speeds. At the same time, the bike is very stable and has powerful braking systems.

Posture: A road bike saddle is usually higher or level with the handlebars. This construction requires a driver flat, forward bent position, causing the pelvis to detach from the saddle, leaving only the area around the pubic scrapers. For this purpose, a narrow, elongated saddle is sufficient to optimally support this seat pad.

Mountain bike saddle
depending on the terrain
Application: A mountain bike (short: MTB) allows you to travel on rough, rocky and uneven terrain. The focus of the driver can be on a playful tour through the countryside or a dissolute mountain hike. The conditions of the driving surface often require a descent from the saddle to avoid hard shocks.

Posture: For daring tours through very bulky terrain, a mountain bike is recommended short distance between saddle and handlebar, where the MTB saddle is lower. Since the rider's buttocks are completely resting on the saddle, the model should be slightly wider to be able to absorb shocks holistically.

For longer tours, which sometimes include quieter sections, is a greater distance from handlebar to saddle advantageous, the saddle is just above the height of the handlebar. Thus, the upper body stretches forward when driving and the pelvis lifts, which is why even a narrow saddle form provides sufficient support.

Kid's Seat
wide / narrow, short
Application: As a rule, children do not use their bicycles for daring operations in traffic, but for leisurely driving around or for small distances. Although they do not spend a lot of time on the bike, a high level of comfort with high safety precautions is recommended.

Posture: Most children's bikes are based on the classic city bike. The handlebar is mounted higher than the saddle and the Sitting position is accordingly upright, Thus, the bicycle saddle for the child of the compact round and short form, which serves to support the whole buttock surface.

Hole Seat: An elongated slot in the center of the saddle is intended to reduce the pressure exerted on the pubic arch of women and the perineal area of ​​men while sitting down. However, studies have found that this effect is rare and, in the worst case, the pressure is only more concentrated in some places. The variant with hole is therefore no guarantee of comfort on the bike saddle and should be chosen only according to your own preferences.

3. Buy the right bike saddle - buying criteria and shopping tips

3.1. saddle Dimensions

Bicycle Saddle Comparison 2018: saddle

Saddles for sporty bikes, such as racing bike and MTB, are often elongated and narrow.

Manufacturers give information on length and width as buying advice for their wheel saddles. The length measurements are for you here only of rough interest. The only guiding principle that should be taken into account is the allocation of short saddles for bikes with a tendency to sit upright and longer bike saddles for sport bikes with a stretched upper body position.

On the other hand, the should Width of the saddle perfectly matched to your own physique. It is important that the sitting bones in your preferred sitting position lie comfortably on the saddle and have enough space. For this purpose, we recommend measuring the distance between the personalized sit bones in advance. Proceed as follows:

  1. Get one hard chair or stool on which you can sit in an upright position.
  2. Put a sufficiently large piece corrugated cardboard on the seat of the chair.
  3. Take, preferably, with thin clothing (e.g., pantyhose), seated on the seating.
  4. Pull on the chair with your hands, so that your buttocks press hard against the seat plate - but without causing any pain.
  5. Now measure the Distance between the generated prints Your sitting bones on the corrugated board. The measurements are taken from the middle point of the prints.
  6. Round off the decimal places, because the saddle should by no means be too narrow and therefore rather wider.

Distance measured, what now? The distance between your own sit bones is a guideline for the width of the saddle. Depending on the type of bike and the resulting seating position, you should pitch one to four centimeters at your seat width to determine the value for the optimum width of the saddle.

type of bikeseating positiondiffraction anglewidth surcharge
racerhorizontal: the back is bent forward and maximally stretched0° - 15°Sitting bone distance + 0 cm
mountain bikehorizontal to diagonal: the back is bent forward and strongly stretched15° - 30°Sitting bone distance + 1 cm
touring bikediagonal: the back is bent forward and only slightly stretched30° - 60°Sitting bone distance + 2 cm
City Bikediagonal to upright: the back is only slightly bent forward60° - 70°Sitting bone distance + 3 cm
Hollandradupright: the back is in a vertical position and not bent70° - 90°Sitting bone distance + 4 cm
Note width surcharge: The width supplement indicates by how many centimeters the measured distance of your sit bones must be supplemented in order to calculate the optimal nut width.

3.2. uppers

Did you know?

With introduction of the first bicycle saddles was also with models Wood and metal experimented. As restless as the materials are in principle, the buttocks contact with the seat surface proved so hard. In no time at all - initially in orientation on the horse saddle - on leather, from the 90s of the 1900 century switched to plastic.

To find the best bike saddle, take a look at the selection of cover materials. A bicycle saddle in retro design is often out Genuine leather, more modern models, however leatherette, A special variation are saddles with Gelbezug.

The bicycle saddle cover not only decides whether it is an altogether comfortable bicycle saddle. The material dictates how much care the saddle needs, whether it proves in heat and how heavy it is. The table below shows a list of the most common covers and their material properties.

Material properties of saddle covers:

Saddle cover for the bicycleproperties
leather saddleA bicycle leather saddle is considered extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, this presupposes a painful adaptation phase, as leather needs several hundred kilometers of driving to adapt optimally to the butt of the driver. Furthermore, leather has breathable properties that prevent heat build-up and sweats on hot days. The saddle is relatively heavy and is only slightly suitable for fast wheels.

very comfortable, breathable
Caring intensive, difficult, long acclimatization phase

Synthetic saddleA cheaper bicycle saddle is usually made of plastic. Its special advantages are its low weight, weather resistance and comfortable shape. The latter makes it possible for the saddle to be comfortable even without any acclimatization, but it will never reach the comfort of a retracted leather saddle.

no getting used to, easy to clean, water repellent, light
average comfort, heat and moisture accumulation

gel saddleA gel bike saddle is considered comfortable because it absorbs shocks with its soft base material. However, this padding can lead to tension on longer distances, since the body is not counterbalanced. For a gel saddle is weather resistant, requires no extra care and is extremely light.

weatherproof, easy to clean, lightweight, shockproof
shaky, poor stability

4. The Stiftung Warentest saddles up

Bicycle Saddle Comparison 2018: 2018

For bicycle junkies who do not want to miss the bike even after a prostate operation, we recommend a special prostate saddle.

In the years 2008 to 2013, German print and online media contributed to the possible association of saddles and impotence in men, as well as pressure problems in the genital area of ​​women. Perhaps Stiftung Warentest took the overpowering rumor mill as an opportunity to take a closer look at the saddle for the bicycle. A bicycle saddle test in the August 2013 issue of the monthly magazine compared 13 saddle models for trekking bikes (trekking saddle) and city bikes (classic ladies saddle). The test products were for a comprehensive field test on the roller trainer: 9 trips per saddle in total, with at least one passage not taking less than 45 minutes.

Test result: The Stiftung Warentest decided not to try to find a clear bicycle saddle for test winners. Instead, those responsible prioritized the approach of assessing saddles for preferred postures on the bike as well as individual buttocks shapes. As the only one Allrounder for "every butt" the model "Comfort Line Wings Sport" was awarded.

Brand variety: In the bicycle saddle test Stiftung Warentest compared products of the following brands: Brooks, Comfort Line, Selle Royal and SQlab as well as Terry and Sixt.

Bicycle Saddle Comparison 2018: 2018

5. Questions and answers about the bicycle saddle

5.1. What to do if the saddle presses?

Bicycle Saddle Comparison 2018: saddle

Leather saddles need to be retracted a few miles to be really comfortable.

Pressure pain caused by the saddle can have several causes. Often it is because the saddle is too narrow and the seat bones of the buttocks are not sufficiently supported. In this case, we suggest buying a new saddle that fits your physique. However, the problem can also be one wrong alignment be the bicycle saddle. As a precaution, check that the saddle is as described in 8.2. explained, sitting in the right position. After all, it can also be due to your driving behavior and your driving habits, that a previously fitting saddle suddenly causes suffering.

A few little tips can help to make the saddle fit again.

  • Saddle: in between relieve the butt and stand up
  • Reduce luggage: Weight loss and / or carry reduced luggage on the back (backpack)
  • Increase pedal pressure: Relocate weight to pedals to relieve the saddle pressure
  • Thinning upholstery: replace thick padding with a thinner version to reduce back pressure

5.2. How is a saddle properly aligned?

It is usually not enough to buy the saddle in the appropriate width and length. Only when the saddle is properly seated on the bicycle seat post are the most important requirements for a comfortable wheel saddle fulfilled.

Like yours Adjust bicycle saddle, reveals the following post:

5.3. Do saddles require additional care?

A bicycle saddle is exposed to the outside weather conditions at each exit. In order that the weather-related strain does not damage the upper and possibly the lining of the saddle, occasional cleaning of dirt and the care of the material is indispensable. Depending on the material category, however, this is different.

  • Leather: Leather is particularly sensitive to moisture and humidity, but also to strong sunlight. A rough surface or cracks are the consequences. Every few months, the material therefore benefits, if it comes with a matching color leather care is greased. In case of acute dirt, we recommend wiping the saddle carefully with a soft, slightly damp cloth. It is important that the now damp saddle can then dry in peace.
  • Plastic: Plastic is easy care and defends most of the inconvenience, such as dirt, drops of water and dust as if by magic itself. Should something stick to the saddle, it can be quickly removed with a cloth and a little water.

Tip: A so-called Bicycle saddle cover Protects the saddle in the long term against dirt and water. This bicycle saddle protector resembles a shower cap on the outside and can be pulled over every saddle with the same clamping technology. Meanwhile, there are the coatings in many different colors with different patterns, so that every taste is served.

5.4. What influence does the bicycle seat post have on the comfort?

The seatpost is the connecting piece between the bicycle frame and the saddle. For attachment, it is pushed into the existing on the bike seat tube and then pinned with a clamp. The user himself decides how deep the support is pushed into the pipe and thus can determine the height at which the saddle is attached later.

Seat post and seat tube are both stable and rigid. So that the driver does not fall back on this hard saddle construction with each stone jump, a suspension should be on the bicycle. If it is not already on the rear wheel frame, it can instead take the form of a sprung seat post be attached. Only in this case, the bicycle seat post contributes significantly to a better comfort of the driver. If you would like this type of suspension, we advise you to buy the bicycle saddle and pole together so that both parts of the bicycle are coordinated.

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