Bicycle trailer comparison 2018

Purchase advice for bike trailer comparison or test 2018

  • Bicycle trailers or bike trailers are available for children, for transport and even for dogs.
  • Bicycle trailers for children can also be used as a jogger or buggy.
  • Which bicycle trailer is your personal test winner, depends in particular on the damping and the aspect of safety, which is ensured, inter alia, with 5-point safety belts.

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: bicycle

1. Big on the move: bike trailer

What has long been part of life in the cycling paradise of Scandinavia has meanwhile become more and more popular in Germany as well. More and more people are switching from car to bicycle - not only for the sake of the environment, but to do something for their own health at the same time. While cargo wheels are becoming increasingly popular for heavy loads, bike trailers with children are currently dominating the streetscape.

If you want to take your children with you in the city or in the countryside, you will find a large selection of children's bicycle trailers. Not only are safety belts provided with safety belts, but also special toddler infant baskets protect the youngest in an accident. Also with load trailers and bicycle trailers for dogs there are some things to consider.

The bicycle trailer comparison should make your purchase easier. Regardless of whether you need a bike trailer or buy new or what you want to transport.

Types of bicycle trailerscharacteristics

Bicycle trailer for children

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: 2018

  • Child trailers usually consist of a coverable seat, which can be attached by axle coupling to the bicycle hub.
  • There are one-seater and two-seater as a sibling.
  • Seat belts are appropriate for the children.
  • A suspension ensures that shocks are damped.
  • Practically all models also have a parking brake.
  • Bicycle trailers for babies can be used with infant carrier.

Cargo trailers

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: bicycle

  • The available models are designed for different maximum loads: for loads from 25 to 90 kilograms you will find the right trailer.
  • Many transport trailers are attached to the seat post with the frame coupling.

dogs trailer

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: comparison

  • Bicycle trailers for dogs have a seat and usually a lockable cover.
  • These models are significantly smaller than bicycle trailers for children.
  • A level and non-slip floor ensures that the animal can sit comfortably in the trailer and does not crash.

2. Child bike trailer

The bicycle trailer most commonly used in everyday life is for children. While some models are only equipped for this one purpose, there are now many trailers that have an additional front wheel and can be turned into a buggy or jogger, such as the bike trailer Croozer. What is to be considered apart from this, we explain in the following.

2.1. Purchase advice: Features of different models

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: trailers

Bicycle trailers can also be used as a sibling.

Before buying a bike trailer, you should clarify some questions in advance:

  • Are you more likely to be in city traffic or outdoor? A corresponding suspension is indicated especially for long distances.
  • Criterion child number: How many children would you like to take with you? Single-seaters are narrower and correspondingly more flexible. But there are also bicycle trailers for two children, who are then a bit more sedate.
  • Do you need storage space? Not all children's bike trailers have it.
  • Would you like to use the trailer without a bike? Models like the jogger or buggy can be equipped with one or two front wheels. So these bike trailers are also suitable as a stroller.

In the following, we will discuss some of the aspects of bicycle trailer comparison in more detail.

2.2. damping

Cushioning or suspension of the bicycle trailer is one of the most important aspects you should look out for when buying a bicycle trailer for children. Especially if you plan long rides that will lead you over bumpier distances, the kids should be protected from shocks. A high-quality and durable suspension is therefore an important purchase criterion.

2.3. mass

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: bicycle

The most common clutch for child bike trailers is the axle clutch.

The weight depends not only on the handling of the bicycle trailer, but also how much the brakes are loaded. Although aluminum frames are lightweight, they also have the disadvantage of being brittle. Conversely, steel structures have the advantage that the material is flexible and yields in the event of an accident. Also pay attention to the load of the trailer's own weight and the brakes, which should be sufficient for the total weight. Straight load trailers put the bicycle brake to a tough test and a folding bike or folding bike often can not stand the strain.

2.4. coupling systems

Note that bike trailers have different coupling systems that should be compatible with your bike or mountain bike, In a large bicycle trailer test, the Stiftung Warentest also tested trekking bikes for their trailer suitability. In question are either the axle coupling or the frame coupling. The axle coupling is the most commonly used coupling system. What advantages it has, we show you here.

  • quick and easy attachment, convenient in everyday life
  • low center of gravity provides more stability
  • cheap purchase
  • larger turning circle than frame coupling

The clutch should be stuck in any case and have no play. It should also be out of the reach of the children.

2.5. Driving behavior, handling and comfort

Safety has the right of way: put your helmet on!
Children should also wear a helmet in the trailer and be strapped. There are now many manufacturers of bicycle trailers who specialize in the construction of bicycle trailers for children. These include Qeridoo, Burley from Sweden, XLC, M-Wave, Thule and Homcom.

The handling of the trailer is an important aspect when buying a bicycle trailer. It is best to try out the bike trailer before the first ride without any accompanying children to get used to the driving experience.

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: comparison

Safety in the trailer of the Burley brand thanks to additional helmet.

Among other things, the size of the bike depends on which surface a trailer is suitable for. Larger tires cushion bumps and are therefore more comfortable for the children. If the trailer can be easily prepared for driving and subsequently folded, much has been done for ease of use - such as the bike trailer from Thule. Because it makes a big difference whether you need to screw on the trailer, for example, or fasten it with a simple push-button. The children should be able to sit comfortably and softly and have enough foot space.

2.6. Pollutants in the ADAC test

In 2010, Stiftung Warentest recently carried out a large bike trailer test together with the ADAC and came to some problematic results with regard to the pollutants on some models.

Some manufacturers have meanwhile improved, but a new comprehensive test for bicycle trailers is yet to come. The last test also assessed the handling, durability, safety aspects and ride comfort for the driver and the child.

2.7. Accessories and special equipment

If you intend to use the bike trailer even in wind and rain, a rain cover can make sense - if the trailer has not been designed wind and rainproof. A fly screen not only protects children from the sun, but also protects them from dirt and stones as well as insects. If you want to be able to put the trailer in the car, you should make sure that the trailer is foldable and the dimensions fit for you.

Safety pennants and reflectors are in addition to taillights to the basic equipment of a children's bicycle trailer. Not all brands take this into consideration. Therefore, make sure that the lighting is present when buying and refit the trailer if necessary.

3. Travel safely with the bike trailer

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: 2018

Child trailer is also available as a twin car.

Bike trailer with baby seat and secure 5-point belt for the youngest. In principle, bike trailers are safer than child seats for the bike.

A roll bar and a 5-point belt ensure a high degree of stability in virtually all models. Also pay attention to the GS seal or a TÜV approval mark.

From six months children can ride in the trailer, for toddlers there are baby carriers in the bicycle trailer for babies. From seven years, the law is over.Then the children have to ride on their own bike.

Note:For pedelecs, there are some special considerations. For example, children's trailers may only be used with an electric bicycle that does not allow high speeds (up to a maximum of 25 km / h). The brakes should also be allowed for the higher weight.

Most manufacturers indicate whether their bicycle model with electric drive for trailers is suitable. Further information on the use of children's bicycle trailers with pedelecs or bicycles with motor drive can be found below.

4. Other trailers: Cargo trailer and trailer for dogs

Bicycle trailer comparison 2018: bicycle

With a dog trailer big and small dogs are safe on tour.

For load trailers, you should first pay attention to the load capacity of the trailer. While some models carry only up to 25 kilograms, other cargo trailers are intended for more than 50 kilograms. You should also consider the volume when buying.

For trailers for dogs, the models offered vary accordingly,

  • how comfortable the entry for the animal is,
  • if there is a non-slip floor,
  • whether the trailer is lockable and
  • whether the floor is made of textile and therefore washable.

For dogs you will find among others bike trailer Croozer, Burley, Trixie or Leggero.

5. The most important questions at a glance

5.1. Which bicycle trailers are best for the child?

In addition to the overall seating comfort in the trailer is a sufficient damping the deciding which bike trailer is the test winner for the child. Because, especially in the case of bumps, impacts are thereby cushioned. Big tires also add to the convenience.

A second essential aspect is safety. Pay attention to:

  • 5-point safety belts
  • Roll bar
  • GS seal and TÜV approval mark

5.2. When is a helmet in the bicycle trailer compulsory?

Since there is no helmet requirement in Germany according to the StVZO, wearing a helmet in the trailer is not mandatory. Nevertheless, a helmet is always recommended for children, on the bike as well as in the trailer, to take no risk.

5.3. Up to what age can a child be transported in a bicycle trailer?

The Highway Code allows the transport of children in bicycle trailers only up to the age of seven years. From then on, the children have to be on their own bicycles.

5.4. When can a baby be transported in a bicycle trailer?

Although there are baby bowls in which infants can be transported in the first month. Nevertheless, Stiftung Warentest recommends to wait until about the sixth month. Only then can the children already hold their heads themselves.

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