garden birch

White beauty in the garden

Birch trees are popular garden trees because they set a special accent with their white trunks and at dawn still capture and reflect sunlight. Thus, birch trees are particularly well suited for an open, inviting garden design behind areas.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that many people suffer from a strong birch pollen allergy. If no family members are affected, you should first get the "OK" of the neighbors in advance, to preclude discussions in advance. In addition, birch trees become very tall at the ideal location. Inform yourself here extensively about the birch as a garden tree.

birch forest

The birch: a profile

What does the birch do to the birch? What does she look like? Where does she come from and grows best? How do I recognize their leaves? In addition, you will learn everything here about their status as a wonder drug in medicine and cosmetics. Or did you know that birch sap helps against foot sweats or dandruff? Everything about the birch: A profile.

Winged birch seeds

Hay fever: birch pollen and allergy

Do you also suffer from constant watering, watery eyes and a scratchy neck? Maybe you are one of the millions of people allergic to birch pollen. Because the winged pollen come out of our birches in large quantities and spread quickly around. Under hay fever: birch pollen and allergy you will learn everything about cross-allergies, pollen count and antidotes.

Birch: your

Birch in the garden

Have you always wanted a big, bulky birch for your garden? Inform yourself here about everything around the topic of birch and garden. Is she even suitable for your garden? If so, which birch should you take? What hazards and risks a birch brings, we show you on birch in the garden: selection, planting and care.

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Birch diseases: fungi and insects

Fungi can cause immense damage to your birch. For example, browning will cause your tree to completely die or white rot will overturn your birch. Insects, such as the small birch bug or the large frostbite, eat the leaves from the crown of your tree. Protect your birch and find out about birch diseases: fungi and insects.

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