Burn birch wood

Of course, birch wood is good for the stove and the open fireplace. What heating power birch wood brings, and what you should always pay attention to when heating, you will learn in detail in this post.

Birch wood - calorific value in comparison

Birch is the firewood most commonly used in Scandinavian countries and parts of Russia. Compared to beech, the calorific value per cubic meter is slightly lower, but the calorific value per kg is slightly higher. The values ​​are shown in the following table:

SpecieskWh per rmkWh per kg
birch1,900 kWh per rm4.3 kWh per kg
beech2,100 kWh per rm4.0 kWh per kg
Oak2,100 kWh per rm4.2 kWh per kg

Reason for the differences

The differences between the heat outputs per rm and per kg are related to the different wood weights. Since firewood is normally sold by room meters, a higher calorific value per cubic meter is the most important comparator unit.
2,100 kWh roughly corresponds to about 215 l of crude oil or about 210 m³ of natural gas. Thus, an estimation of the heating power is possible.

Burning properties of birch wood

Unlike beech wood, birch wood burns relatively quickly. Although there is a good initial heat, is burned relatively quickly compared to beech due to its lower hardness properties. Also, the embers are less hot and less stable than beechwood.

Heat birch wood fresh

In many cases, there is evidence that birch wood does not need to be dried before it can be burned. That's not right. Every wood should be as dry as possible before being burned in the stove, otherwise the fireplace may be spoiled. In addition, damp wood in the fireplace can be dangerous, and its calorific value is also significantly lower than with dry wood.

Wood moisture values

Ideal for heating are moisture values ​​of 20% wood moisture or below. The drier the wood, the more ideal. On the other hand, wood with moisture values ​​above 24% should not be used as firewood. These humidity values ​​can also be measured with a measuring instrument. Too damp wood must first be dried and stored until the moisture content of the wood is below 20%.

Tips & Tricks

The proven Scouting wisdom that birch wood always burns a campfire, even if it is very humid, is true - but it is not true for the local stove, but only for "emergency fire".

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