Birch wood for crafts

Birch wood is a wood that is commonly used for many purposes - boat building, firewood, furniture and flooring. But tinkering goes well with birch wood. Read here what you can do with birch wood.

Build a boat

Birch wood has always been used for boatbuilding. This is because birch wood is particularly waterproof, and extremely durable under water. In addition to the well-known boat made of birch bark, which can also be a nice craft work, you can also build real model boats with birch wood.

Clothespins made by yourself

If you feel like it and have a lot of time, you can also do birch wood clothespins yourself. Even earlier wooden clothespins were often made of birch wood, but have now been displaced by mass production. By making your own you contribute to the avoidance of plastic and also create your clothespins very durable and very individual pieces for the home. You can also decorate them or make them in a special way, and make them unique. Especially the turned, old-fashioned form offers itself.

Birch wood turning

Birch wood is ideal for wood turning. As a rule, less well-trained wood usually gets along well with the wood, which is easy to work on. The toughness and the elasticity of the wood are generally opposed to wood turning. Turning objects not only for decoration but also for everyday use can be a lot of fun.

Turned clothespins

Since birch wood is very elastic, you can turn and decorate simple roundwoods. A milled slot in the middle holds your laundry securely on a leash. This is where the elasticity of birch wood comes into play.

Birch wood for carving

For carving birch wood is relatively good. It is a dense wood, with a very beautiful grain on many pieces. However, you should take care that the wood does not break - this danger is relatively easy with birch wood, especially if you are inexperienced. If you buy birch wood for carving, you should especially select wood with standing annual rings - there the risk of warping is even lower. When choosing, always look for the grain - so that your piece of wood looks really nice later.

Tips & Tricks

If you are just beginning to learn carving, it is best to use lime wood. It is best suited for beginners, is very easy to carve and also works fine details out well.

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