Build birdcage and aviary yourself

Build birdcage and aviary yourself: build

Aviaries and bird cages should be spacious and provide the birds with resting places as well as employment opportunities and freedom of movement.

From wood and aviary wire home improvement can ownBuild bird cages and aviaries yourself and set them up especially for their birds.

Since different species of birds make different demands on their attitude, in this collection are building instructions for birdcages and aviaries, which can be inhabited by small or large birds and sometimes even offer them an outdoor enclosure.

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Contents: Aviaries and bird playgrounds

  • Build a room aviary
  • Build outdoor aviary
  • Build accessories for bird keeping yourself

Who wants to build not only the birds in the living room but also the wild birds in the garden a cottage, which can be found on these blueprint and consultation pages instructions and tips:

  • Make bird food yourself
  • Build bird house yourself
  • Birdhouse-building instructions
  • Build birdbath and birdbath yourself

Build a room aviary

Aluminum aviary for parrots

Aviary on aluminum for parrots and larger parakeets. Instructions with sketches and measurements
at Steff's parrot site

Report aviary with terrarium

Construction report and instructions for a large bird aviary with integrated terrarium for tortoises.
at cockatiel signpost


With this step-by-step guide you can build a wooden aviary for cockatiels or other bird species.
at cockatiel signpost

Aviary building for sloping roof

Instructions for building a wooden aviary in the pitched roof - With sketch, photo and construction tips. Suitable u.a. for cockatiels.
at cockatiel signpost

Homebuilding of room aviaries

Various illustrated building instructions for bird cages, roof pitches and corner aviaries and wooden or metal room aviaries
at VWFD - Association of Wllensittich-friends Germany e.V.

Cage for Degus from aviary

made of coated chipboard and spruce strips
at Degus online

Room aviary for budgies

Detailed description with pictures and drawn blueprint for a room aviary
at Ingrid's world

Room aviary for Prachtfinken

Building room aviary for finch finches - Complete blueprint with tool and material list
at P-O-Box

Wooden room aviary

Instructions with text and pictures for a room aviary from pine wood strips and wire
in parakeet info

Construction plan for room aviary

Original room aviary for finches as a piece of furniture built on a sideboard - blueprint with sketch

Build outdoor aviary

Build bird aviary

Simple instructions for building a bird aviary with wooden slats and aviary wire

window aviary

Construction manual with material list for an aviary with outside enclosure made of wood
at VWFD - Association of budgerigar friends Germany e.V.

Exterior aviary made of aluminum

Vollierenbau aluminum for outdoor with photos and detailed instructions.
at Walter Hofmann

Aviary for the balcony

Large outdoor aviary for two cockatiels - Illustrated step-by-step guide
with Marko Rocznik

Build accessories for bird keeping yourself

Build bird playground

Construction of a bird playground made of branches, suitable for budgerigars.

Build Welli scaffolding

Instructions for a hanging climbing frame for budgerigars from branches and natural ropes.

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Video Board: DIY, how to make an easy and cheap bird cage - small aviary