Bird control for the gutter keeps birds away

Often small birds slip into the gutter. To prevent obstruction in the roof drainage, attaching a bird repellent is helpful. This is best provided for in the planning of the gutter system.

Bird control against pollution

Who wants to prevent the gutter is contaminated by bird droppings, which ensures appropriate protection. There are various possibilities for using bird control at the gutter.

pigeons protection

Many manufacturers offer bird control tips that are applied to the gutter. In the offer you find special pigeon protection, which is designed for gutters. This ensures that no birds land on it and also the nesting is made impossible.

The assembly is simple, perforated and flexible tabs give a stable grip on the gutter. The pigeon protection can be unplugged for cleaning.

For bird control at the gutter provide spikes, which are welded on a stainless steel strip. One leg prevents the approach to the gutter edge, the second covers the gutter trough.

Durable and easy to assemble

The rot-free material is durable, on the bar itself metal strips are attached, which serve for attachment. This requires glue, screws, dowels or rivets. Another variant is tension wire systems and anti-swallow nets, which are mounted below the gutter and prevent the nesting of swallows.

Electric variant

Individual suppliers also have electric bird control systems in their product range. For this purpose stainless steel wires, copper or aluminum are applied to the surfaces on which the pigeons and Co. settle.

A current transmitter sends impulses to the wires, the birds receive a surge of electricity as they settle and will avoid these areas in the future. The wire distance is calculated so that the flying comrades sit on both wires.

Bird control for the gutter should

  • be maintenance free
  • bring no visual impairment
  • Do not cause damage to the structure, such as through drilling

Costs and internet providers

The price for the bird watch tips made of stainless steel is 8, - Euro per meter. The prices for electronic and acoustic products vary widely.

Providers of defense systems are


Tips & Tricks

For some providers, you will also find Acoustic Defense Systems. This produces sounds that are inaudible to humans, but the birds are thereby deterred.

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