Build bird food house yourself

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Build bird food house yourself: food

Garden owners love it when the garden is populated with native songbirds. So you can experience nature firsthand.

Especially in winter, when natural food sources are scarce, it makes sense to provide the feathered friends additional food sources. In addition, the popular bird feeder houses are used.

The feeders must be built in such a way that the food can not get wet. In addition, the bird house must not be contaminated by leftover feces.

Especially popular with hobbyists are bird houses on stilts or free-hanging bird feeders. In addition, the bird species that prefer to look for their food on the ground should not be forgotten. There are also suitable building instructions for feeders.

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Build bird food house

  • The feed silo

    Blueprint for a classic bird feeder made of wooden strips and Plexiglas

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  • Bird feeders

    Child-friendly construction manual for a bird feeder made of laminated wood. In the feed house, apples or fodder dumplings are fixed with a food spit.

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  • Colorful bird food house

    Building instructions for a fancifully colorful bird food house with several floors. Illustrated instructions and blueprint as PDF download.

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  • Bird feeder birdhouse

    Classic, free-standing bird feeder made of wood: material list, sketch.

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  • Bird table

    Pine feeding station for mounting on the wall

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  • Birdhouse for the winter

    Log house with roof and pole. Views and drawings.

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  • Birdhouse with pitched roof

    Birdhouses made of wood, moldings and roofing felt. Description, drawings and blueprint.

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  • Gourmet Bird Feeder - Bird Feeder

    Unusual bird food house with curved roof. Detailed construction drawings and material list.

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