Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: birdseed

Making species-appropriate bird food for the winter time

Not all native birds fly in the cold season in the warm and sunny south. Many of our feathered friends stay the whole Year in their homeland and look for food on the frosty ground.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: birdseed

Birds look forward to food in winter.

Therefore, it is important to tits, robins, finches, blackbirds and many others Assisting bird species in foraging.

The Habitats for plants and animals are partly in a very bad State. This threatens the existence of many animal species.

In some areas in Germany is therefore also one year-round feeding of wild birds and the offering of breeding placesen meaningful. This supports the birds and ensures a more stable and diverse bird population.

On this page you will find valuable tips on the production of bird food and learn all about nest boxes, bird feeders and Co.

Feeding wild birds

Anyone who decides to feed wild birds all year round should pay attention to that varied offer for soft and grain eaters is present.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: birdseed

Berries as birdseed

Depending on the species and beak shape, the birds eat different grains, fruits and insects. You should be so to inform exactly which birds in the vicinity Life and then adjust the feed supply accordingly.

Otherwise, the well-intentioned feed will simply remain at the feeding place. Not all wild birds eat the same food. There are so-called soft-food eaters and grain eaters among the bird species.

To the Soft food eaters include robins, woodpeckers, blackbirds, thrush, wrens and starling. Their food consists mainly of Insects and fruits, In autumn and winter, these bird species therefore prefer soft feed in the form of berries, oatmeal, wheat, spelled and nuts.

Fruits that grow on the groves should be over the be sure to hang on the bushes in cooler seasons stay. Because, whether as a solitary shrub, hedge planting or Klettermaxe - even in the frozen state are Vogelelnährwürölze rich and tasty for many birds.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: soft

Grains and seeds as birdseed

To the grain eaters include species of birds such as finches, sparrows and tits. They feed on Seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, unpeeled seeds and all kinds of nuts.

Their beaks are much stronger than those of the soft-food eaters and thus enable the nutrition with grains. Even in winter, these wild birds prefer all sorts of seeds they use with their own crack open strong beaks can.

Natural birdseed

Especially in the autumn and winter months, bird twig trees have something to offer in many ways: The fruits are extremely nutritious, and not only for birds, they significantly expand their diet high-yielding shrub with its magnificent berries also an optical eye-catcher for the viewer.

For example, the rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) is extremely popular with birds. It is often referred to as rowanberry and is an undemanding plant that both on Fallow land as well as in clearings and forests thrivet.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: birdseed


The mountain ash is very resistant to cold as well as wind and is an important food plant for many other species.

In addition to the rowan berry count also the Black elder (Sambucus nigra), the bird Church (Prunus avium), that euonymus (Euonymus europaeus), the sloe (Prunus spinosa) and the dog Rose (Rosa canina) to the popular diet of many species of birds.

However, they are not just food sources, but are also suitable as habitats, both Provide protection against dangers as well as optimal nesting sites represent.

Another natural bird food is the common rock pear (Amelanchier ovalis), which is a thornless and richly ornamented shrub. Its fruits, which ripen in August, are black-blue or dark red and not only popular with birds: the apple fruit tastes floury-sweet and is also processed into jam.

But not only berries are considered a coveted food source in birds: For some species also coniferous plants with their fruits or cones are part of the nutrition plan, such as the fir (Abies), the tree of life (Thuja), the Spruce (Picea), the juniper (Juniperus) or the Common yew (Taxus baccata).

Collect bird food yourself

Of course you can ready bird food mixes in the trade buy to make Meisenknödel, bird food cookies or food bells.

However, if you spend a lot of time in nature in the late summer and fall anyway, you can save your money and Collect fruits, nuts and seeds yourself, for example

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: soft

Seeds, grains and nuts
  • from trees: Seeds of pine and pine cones, alder cones, beechnuts, birch and maple seeds, apple, pear, cherry and plum kernels, rowan berries, walnuts
  • from shrubs: Hazelnuts, elderberries, privet, whitebeam, viburnum, prickly pear, hawthorn, rose hips
  • from Grasses, perennials, flowers and cereals: Millet, thistle, burdock, chickweed, evening primrose, sorrel, registration, knotweed, heather, plantain, shepherd's purse, poppy, dandelion, basketblood
  • from bought fruits and vegetables: At home you can pick up melon and pumpkin seeds for the homemade bird food

Make the dumplings yourself

Meisenknödel or Meisenringe contain all the nutrients a titmice needs.

The food is formed into balls, into one Net filled and hung in a suitable place, So the tit can settle on the hanging dumpling and eat in peace. With With a few ingredients, you can also make the Meisenfutter yourselfn.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: make


You need for Meisenknödel:

  • 170 g fat
  • 200 g of grains and fruits
  • strong twine
  • soft net

As a basis for all fat food is used unsalted tallow from mutton or hardened vegetable fat, The grain mixture should consist of fine seeds. Oatmeal and bran - but also poppy seeds and raisins - are suitable for the production of dumplings.

Now that will be Heated fat in a pot, To the liquid fat are then about 180 g of the grain mixture given. The pot is placed next to the stove to cool.

Only when the fat is almost cold, shape out of the Mass the individual balls and pull the twine through, The remaining grains are then placed on the shaped balls and pressed.

Now you only have to stretch that Net around the dumpling, close the opening with the twine and hang the food in the place provided.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: make

A food bell made of half a coconut shell

lining bell

Should you have one more Own old clay pot, you can use the whole fat mixture also let it cool in it. Insert a more stable branch through the opening, pour in the liquid feed and hang up the entire bell.

The wild birds in your garden will be happy about the delicious food offer.

Incidentally, a food bell is also suitable Coconut shells, orange peel or other vesselsinto which the birdseed mixture is filled. You have to make sure that the material harmless to the health of the birds is.

Make bird food cookies yourself

These birdseed cookie not only look decorative, they are also a great pleasure for wild birds.

You can in your own Garden, on the private balcony or on a walk be hung up with the whole family.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: make

bird biscuits

You need for bird food cookie:

  • 1 pack of coconut oil
  • 1-2 tbsp oil
  • Finished birdseed mixture or sunflower seeds, seeds, oatmeal, nuts, raisins, etc.
  • Big cookie cutter
  • straws
  • line
  • Baking sheet and baking paper

The fat in the Melt the saucepan without boiling to let. Then the Add birdseed, but not too much. The larger the amount, the more likely it is that the trailers will later become brittle. That's why there will be something in the end Oil added, so that the bird cookies supple stay.

Now it's time to form the trailer. To do this, line a baking tray with baking paper, different Lay out cookie cutters and with the birdseed mixture to fill. So that the bird cookies can be hung later, a piece Cut the straw and put it in the places where the string is pulled later shall be.

Overnight at one cure cool place and then push the cookies out of the molds the next day.

Make birdseed yourself: corn dumplings, soft food and dry food: dumplings

A small bird feeder

bird feeders

The bird feeder is probably the most traditional feeding of wild birds and can be found in almost all gardens.

There are countless variations of birdhouses. From modern and unusual, to classic wooden, there is something for every taste. The Feed mixes are easy in the feed house and the local wild birds enjoy the rich offer.

  • Building instructions for birdhouses

nesting boxes

A nesting aid supports the conservation of native wild birds. Animal lovers can not only observe birds in their natural habitat, but also during the Breeding season a suitable nesting site Offer.

Although not every bird prefers a cavity for their breeding business, but so-called cave breeders - such as the woodpecker, some species of tits and the star - they breed their eggs in cavities out. However, natural nesting options for wild birds are becoming ever smaller, making a nesting box a great help for many species of birds.

Ask the Nest box early in the fall on. The nesting box should be in the Correct height can be placed so that cats and marten have no opportunity to disturb the birds.

Likewise you should the nesting aid not too close to your house hanging. A little off and protected from wind and heavy rainwould be ideal. The correct direction is helpful in the breeding business. Is the loophole to the south, the permanent sunlight the temperature in the nesting box rise. Therefore, shouldNesting boxes placed in an easterly direction become.

Video tutorial: cleaning nesting boxes

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