Birdhouse comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zur Vogelhaus Comparison or Test 2018

  • A bird feeder not only provides the small feathered animals with protection when eating, but also against partially harsh weather conditions such as cold, frost and heavy snowfall.
  • In addition to the classic bird houses, you can also opt for a so-called bird villa (with significantly more space for food and animals).
  • When buying your birdhouse, you should not only choose the right dimensions but also the right material and the most suitable canopy: For example, a birdhouse with a thatched roof serves as an insect hotel at the same time.

Birdhouse comparison 2018: comparison

In addition to the many birds that migrate to the warmer South in the cold winter, we also have many native species, including cold, frost and snow, that they share with us humans. In contrast to their migratory species (for example, wild geese or white storks) they then lean times before - With the establishment of an aviary in the garden or on the balcony you can remedy.

In our Birdhouse Comparison 2018, we took a close look at the best bird houses on the market and describe below what you should pay special attention to if you want to buy a bird house.

1. What to look for when installing a bird house

Which birds remain in Central Europe?

Among the best-known bird species living the winter in our latitudes are the blackbird, the blue tit, the sparrow, the great tit, the robin, the star and the wren. A complete listing of bird portraits can be found on the website of the Landesbunds für Vogelschutz (LBV).

There are many reasons to buy a bird house, because such a covered feeding area not only provides additional food for birds eaten by the winter, but also a safe haven in storm and generally uncomfortable weather. In comparison to one nesting box The focus here is clearly on a use as feed house.

When building your aviary, choose a spot that is as clear as possible for birds - this applies in addition to the installation on a terrace or a balcony especially for the garden, because: Your bird food house should be placed absolutely safe cat, We recommend setting it up in a tree or, if it is a birdhouse with a stand, at least near a tree to offer our feathered friends a retreat in the event of danger.

Tip: Start feeding soon, at best in October, In this way you allow the birds to internalize the exact location of your birdhouse, which also increases the likelihood that they will return soon.

Below we have the advantages and disadvantages of birdhouses faced for you:

  • Contribution to the protection of species for granivorous plumage
  • offers protection against natural predators
  • serves as a shelter in bad weather
  • Connection to nature (bird watching)
  • possible overfeeding of birds
  • (depending on perspective) intervention in natural selection

2. What types of birdhouses are there?

In the following overview we describe the most important differences between the different types of bird feeders.

Birdhouse typedescription
Classic bird house

Birdhouse comparison 2018: birdhouse

The classic bird food house already fulfills its purpose with an extremely simple design: a small wooden house with a roof and the hungry flock of birds is certainly happy. Often the roof is also made of tar paper (instead of wood) for reasons of weather resistance.

Birdhouse comparison 2018: bird

A comparatively large birdhouse, often provided with several entrances, is also referred to as a bird's villa - in fact, these constructions are also similar to man's luxury constructions, but only in miniature format.

The advantage of a large birdhouse is that it can also be used by larger birdsbut at least several at the same time. It is important, however, that the inputs are correspondingly larger.

Meisen, for example, prefer input sizes of Ø 26 - 28 mm, Kauze, pigeon and jackdaw but those of Ø 80 - 85 mm.

Decorative bird house

Birdhouse comparison 2018: bird

Birdhouses of the category "Decoration" are only conditionally recommended for use as feeding place for birds. The reason is simple, that the often used bright or very colorful colors rather deter birds. The purpose of attracting birds with an attractive feeding site is rather lost.

Birdhouse comparison 2018: comparison

Although the feed column is not a birdhouse in the strict sense, it is considered to be very efficient and for a number of good reasons:
  • Instead of a garden or a balcony, you only need a window here for the installation.
  • Cleaning is much easier due to the simple design.
  • Since (in contrast to classic birdhouses) here the feed does not mix with dirt and feces, the feeding column is considered more hygienic.
  • By attaching to the window, the column is considered cat-proof.
  • The transparent material gives you a good overview of the feed stand or progress.
So, if you either want to attract several species of birds or you do not want to "decide" on a species, we recommend providing a mix for the birds. Alternatively, you can also experiment for yourself and see what is particularly sought after in which species.

3. Buying advice for bird houses: Which criteria are decisive?

Birdhouse comparison 2018: birds

Probably even more spectacular than the bird villa of your neighbor is this creation and church tower.

The following purchase criteria are particularly relevant when purchasing your personal aviary test winner.

3.1. Dimensions

Depending on how big your birdhouse is, it also attracts larger birds (especially woodpeckers, but sometimes mowing crows). However, the "danger" increases that even mammal species such as marten or squirrels in your actually intended for hungry birds cottage run.

3.2. material

Mostly you stay here the choice between birdhouses made of wood or plastic, Although the former is considered a bit more difficult to clean, wooden feeders are often more solid than birdhouses made of plastic. In addition, they feel more natural not only for the birds, but also for you as an outside observer.

Above all, especially cheap birdhouses are made of plastic, but these also survive with appropriate care not only many, but also very harsh winter.

Tip:We recommend that you give your wooden house a special finish in the summer, which makes it extra resistant to cold and water. Cleaning with hot water is also necessary to remove bacteria and germs.

3.3. canopy

Birdhouse comparison 2018: 2018

The roof of this luxury or design birdhouse looks extravagant, but it is less efficient.

A stable roof over the birdhouse not only protects sparrow, titmouse, finch and nuthatch from precipitation and wind, but also the birdseed itself stays longer fresh and edible. Unfortunately, seeds and grains can quickly mold in the wet and thus plague the birds unnecessarily with diseases.

We especially recommend a bird house with thatched roof - The big advantage here is that this is also used as a so-called insect hotel, because Reet consists of reeds and is therefore considered to be particularly close to nature. In addition, it is due to its slip resistance as a safe landing pad for the hungry winter birds.

Incidentally, an insect hotel accommodates a surprising number of speciesFor example, fur and wool bees, grave wasps, butterflies such as the peacock's eye, the admiral or the Apollo butterfly, also ladybug and oil beetle, but also the bush earwig and the hoverfly.

4. What do environmental experts say about birdhouses?

Birdhouse comparison 2018: 2018

In any case, this little wild bird will be looking forward to additional food - regardless of what human experts generally certify to the birds.

The feeding of birds in winter is not undisputed. In principle, the following positions are opposite:

  • Per:The largely altered culture and civilization landscape ensure that, especially for winter birds, an original ("natural") habitat is no longer available, which is why they rely on supplemental feeding, at least for the harsh winter months.
  • Contra: To feed wild birds is in principle superfluousThis is clear from the fact that the birds are independently looking for food close to the feeding house. Even in bad weather and a lot of snow is enough of it in stock. More serious is the point that natural selection is endangered: Especially sick and weak animals are affected by this.

In the discussion, however, an important aspect often does not apply: the educational benefits of feeding wild birds, Here it is argued that empathic attachment to other species as well as to an alienated environment is created, especially among young people. In addition, damaging consequences of Feeding Meise, Finch and Star have not yet been detected.

More information on how exactly native birds survive the cold winter months without additional feeding can be found on this website of the Nature Conservation Union (NABU).

5. Which birdseed is suitable for which birds?

It is possible to attract certain bird species through specially chosen bird food. Some seeds and grains are spurned by virtually no birds, others have quite a few favorite grains. Details about the birdseed can be found in the following table.

preferenceBird species and sample food
feed mixture

Birdhouse comparison 2018: birdhouse

In particular, nuthatch, woodpecker and titmouse are among those birds that focus on grains as well as on soft foods. During the warmer summer months, these species prefer soft-foods, whereas in colder winter grains tend to prefer them. We recommend a birdseed mixture for omnivores.

Birdhouse comparison 2018: bird

Especially blackbirds, starlings, robins and wrens prefer soft food, as their Beaks not so compatible with hard lining like grains, peels and nuts. Here are soft alternatives such as small raisins and pieces of fruit (if you do not want to go straight to Wurmfang itself).

Birdhouse comparison 2018: birds

The experts for coarse and hard are the following granular bird species: Sparrows, siskins, finches, bullfinches and bunting. Thanks to their particularly strong beaks, we are dealing here with specialists in opening the following bird food: peanuts, sunflower and hemp seeds as well as poppy. Oatmeal is also very popular with these smaller birds.

6. Further questions about the bird house

6.1. What are the most famous manufacturers and brands of birdhouses?

Among the better-known manufacturers of birdhouses are the following:

  • Wildlife Garden
  • Hannusch
  • hammer Plast
  • Trixie
  • gardiso
  • radius
  • Windhager

So far less known are these providers:

  • Unimet
  • Sunnysue
  • Sompex
  • Schwegler
  • radius
  • Mucola
  • Karlie

6.2. Do I have to clean the birdhouse?

For example, to keep the animals healthy, it is necessary that they do not walk over their own grains. An article by the Stiftung Waren from December 2005 states: The larger the birdhouse, the more difficult the hygiene.

Although the Foundation has not yet devoted itself to a bird house test, it recommends feeding birds in one article - but you should definitely pay attention to the right food and make sure to clean the feeding area regularly.

6.3. How can I build a bird house myself?

Birdhouse comparison 2018: birds

Make sure that even a home-built bird house is cat-proof.

If you do not find the Vogelhaus Vergleichssieger convincing enough, you are free to simply build yourself a bird house. In addition to manual skill and a little perseverance comes naturally also a bird house construction manual not inconvenient. In any case, pay attention to two things during construction:

  • Do not paint, paint and decorate your house in any way too bright or too colorful, as this might deter birds.
  • Use a weatherproof paint as possibleto bring the bird house through the cold winter months unscathed.

The following video should give you an idea:

6.4. Is it worth it to hang a birdhouse in the middle of the city?

Even city birds are happy on hard winter days about additional feeding - even if you have neither a terrace, a garden or a balcony, is worth, for example, the cultivation of a small feeding column at your window.

Alternatively, you might be delighted by the sight of the live feeding webcam at the feed station of the Federal Association for Bird Protection Bavaria. Her discoveries and advice can be shared with other bird lovers here.

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