The birdhouse for the balcony: the best ideas for self-construction

The aviary attracts many feathered guests to the balcony in the cold season, if it is equipped with correspondingly delicious food. Naturfreunde offers this beautiful accessory therefore always new cause for joy. We've come up with really nice ideas for you to build your own birdhouse for the balcony.

Build bird house from raw branches

A bird house looks really natural, consisting mainly of natural branches and branches. Take a wooden plate as a base and build your little dream house on it.

Saw the previously collected pieces of wood appropriately and first build a coarse frame for the bird house, which you stabilize with wood glue and screws. Attention: Take care that nowhere sharp spikes of screws protrude, which could hurt the birds!

On the finished frame you put on the other branches and branches from the outside, which then form the roof and walls. Decorate the birdhouse for the balcony with moss and of course with dumplings.

Simple birdhouse for the flowerpot

You do not have to mount your aviary elaborately on the balcony railing, but you can easily put a lightweight construction in a deeper flower tub. To do this, you first need a vertical batten, to which you screw other shorter slats in the shape of a house.

Such a birdhouse for the balcony does not have to be designed in a particularly detailed way; a simple basic form of floor, a wall and a pointed roof is all you need: you need not more than four pieces of wood and the upright lath.

Is a birdhouse allowed on the balcony?

And because there are often critical neighbors in apartment blocks who complain about bird droppings and would like to ban the house, here is a legal note:

The feeding of small birds on the balcony is generally allowed by law, because this is considered as so-called "opening to the environment". However, if the contamination with bird droppings gets too much and endangers health, the feeding should be stopped.

This is especially the case when larger birds such as pigeons and gulls are lured through the aviary. Therefore use only special food for small songbirds!

Tips & Tricks

So-called "feeders" offer a real alternative to the traditional bird house, they are particularly popular in the urban area. The small feed openings attract no large birds and the environment remains relatively clean.

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