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  • A prick healer is used after being stung by an insect - mostly mosquitoes, wasps, hornets or brakes.
  • Pointed on, thermal, mechanical or electric stitch healers prevent the itching that occurs and ensure that the swelling can subside more quickly.
  • Sting healers achieve the best effect if used shortly after the sting. So most of the products are very small and handy and fit in any bag to be handy for camping or other outdoor activities.

Stichheiler comparison 2018: stichheiler

The curtains rustle quietly in front of the open window on a balmy summer night. Suddenly, the nocturnal idyll of a penetrating Sirrenden Bsssssssss interrupted and with the sleep it is over.

But not only the sounds of the flying bloodsuckers cause displeasure. If a sting of the unwelcome insect took place, this can often painful swelling and inflammation as well as itching have as a consequence. In addition to mosquitoes, brake, hornet or wasp sting can be painful and unpleasant consequences entail. After all, almost 25 percent of Germans react very strongly to insect bites, about three percent even have one Insect venom allergy on.

Apart from allergy sufferers, after a sting fast medical help The consequences for other sufferers are mainly unpleasant, but not life-threatening. However, to provide relief of the symptoms, there are Stichheiler.

So that you can say goodbye to swelling and itching, we have in the following Stichheiler Comparison 2018 one comprehensive purchase advice compiled.

1. What is a stitch healer?

Why do mosquitoes sting?

Three people sit in the evening at the lake in the summer, but only one is repeatedly stung by wandering mosquitoes: Why is that? In the first place it is only the female mosquitoeswho ever dare a sting. The male specimens prefer flower nectar. For the females, the blood that is absorbed by the sting sets one protein-rich food source which primarily serves to supply the offspring. Why some people are stung more often than others is not yet fully understood. However, both specific genes, certain blood groups and perfumes have a very attractive effect on the insects.

As soon as sunshine and warmer temperatures arrive, they get on the scene: mosquitoes, bees, hornets, brakes and other insects. Damned by many outdoor lovers, these animals make an immensely important contribution: they contribute to one functioning ecosystem at.

However, the status of a bee quickly falls behind when the animal dies. For most people, these stings are not dangerous, but itching, inflammation and swelling are the result. Around to act promptly against the symptoms, the use of a pier healer is recommended.

The symptoms that the person feels are caused by a body's own defense reaction, Whether bee, hornet or mosquito: the actual process is always the same. The insect secretes a specific secretion during the sting - in a mosquito it is e.g. Saliva - thatthe blood clotting inhibits, The mosquito thus facilitates the absorption of the blood.

The host, on the other hand, reacts as follows: The defense system acts like one allergic reaction to the insect secretions, This is how the human organism releases the hormone histamine. As a result, the surrounding blood vessels swell and irritate the surrounding tissue and nerves. So not only the swelling, but also the itching arises.

A stitch healer starts exactly at this point. Depending on the model, either the insect secretion is sucked from the puncture site, an electrical impulse minimizes histamine release or denatures (decomposes) the protein of the insect. The result: the Itching is reduced and the resulting swelling can heal faster and easier.

The Advantages and disadvantages In summary, we have summed up a stab healer for you:

  • relieves the symptoms after an insect bite
  • no chemicals needed
  • Devices are small and handy - ideal for traveling
  • only starts at the stitch surface
  • approach slowly - especially on sensitive skin
  • may need to be used several times per job

2. Which types of stitch healer are there?

Stichheiler mechanically

Stichheiler comparison 2018: stichheiler

A mechanical stitch healer usually exists from two components - A type of syringe with matching essay, which strongly reminds of a cannula. The principle is very simple:

  • if necessary, the attachment is placed on the syringe
  • the opening of the cannula becomes placed directly on the sting or the bite
  • then the movable part of the syringe (piston) is pulled upwards

And you are done with that. This category Stichheiler makes itself the resulting negative pressure advantage. By the upward movement of the inner piston, the poison or secretion is sucked out. This system also works on rashes caused by Scorpions, snakes or plants caused become. However, the mechanical mosquito bite healer does not replace a doctor.

Stichheiler thermal

Stichheiler comparison 2018: 2018

If proteins are heated too much, they denature. The principle also works in the home kitchen, when you turn a liquid egg by the supply of heat a fried or scrambled eggs.

Similarly, this type of heat sticks works against mosquito bites. These insect bites are mostly battery powered and very easy to use.

  • In addition to the battery compartment are usually only one or two sliders or buttons on the product
  • the top, which includes a ceramic head, willdirectly on the stitch and then press the corresponding key

The thermo-Stichheiler heats up and reaches a temperature that between 50 and 60° C lies. Depending on the model you hold the thermal stitch healer up to ten seconds on the stitching point, Due to the heat, the proteins of the poison coagulate and lose their effect.

However, the oncoming heat can felt as painful become. Therefore, many devices have another mode for children or sensitive skin.

Stichheiler electric

Stichheiler comparison 2018: stichheiler

Electric stitch healer Stop the release of the hormone histamine by the application of the piezoelectric effect. In other words, at the push of a button, quartz will turn on generates electrical pulse, This destroys the proteins of the poison within the puncture wound.

Again, the application is very simple again:

  • put the device on the stitch
  • press the corresponding button

Only downside: one only stitch healer application is usually not enough, In order to survive sustainably against the swelling and the itching, you must shoot a place several times. This can be one easy tweaking cause. Very sensitive people should therefore take it slow.

No matter if your prick healer works electrically, thermally or mechanically: All devices in our prick healer test are very handy and practical used. But especially when traveling or taking longer outdoor trips, think of batteries for the thermal prick healers. Electric insect sting healers have an upper limit on how often they can be used. This is ranked between 1,000 and 20,000 clicks.

3. Purchase criteria for Stichheiler: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Do not go right to the limit

The skin is the largest human organ and protects us daily from external influences and injuries. Nevertheless, we also experience pain through the sensitive nerve endings under the skin. And this Pain perception differs from person to person, Especially with children, we advise caution.

As already discussed, only the use of a mechanical piercer is virtually painless. If the stitch healer is thermal or electrical, heat and electrical impulses can cause a trigger short pain stimulus, Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions before using for the first time. So you not only make sure that the product is suitable for children, but also whether there is an alternative setting option for sensitive skin.

We also recommend the first stitch healer test in a relatively insensitive place perform. Thighs or upper arms are suitable for this.

Do not hold out the brief moment of pain, you can get insect bites also treat with ointments, This will only alleviate the effects of the poison, but will not fight it.

3.2. Mosquitoes, mosquitoes and Co.

Before you buy a cheap stitch healer, you should consider, against which stitches you protect yourself in the first place want. If you are looking for a device that only helps against wasps, bees and mosquitoes, almost all spikes are effective in comparison.

Should your stitch healer test winnerStings and bites of snakes, jellyfish and plants also cover, not all products are equally good. Pay special attention therefore to the manufacturer's information.

3.3. Consider sustainability

Stichheiler comparison 2018: stitch

Those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer months are well advised with a Stichheiler.

Especially in the Summer months or in tropical regions First aid for insect bites is almost on the agenda. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the best stitch healer will often be used. Therefore, you should consider before buying, how much you use the device want.

Electric stitch healers have an expiration date. Mostly the products are with one certain number of clicks populated, If these are used up, you must dispose of the whole device. You should also keep in mind that each stitch could take up to ten clicks.

Also batteries for thermal treatments, e.g. with the Riemser bite away cobra, should be considered. If you are looking for an insect sting healer without an expiry date, mechanical stitch healers are your first choice.

4. Care tips after a mosquito bite

Whether you have been stung by a mosquito, a wasp or a hornet, the sensation of pain and the reaction of the body to it can differ from person to person. In any case, should be included respiratory distress, fever and other strong reactions immediately consulted a doctor.

If it is a normal body reaction, you are best served if you do not give in to the itching and quickly cleanse the area with water. Cool packs and soothing lotions can provide additional relief. If you only have home remedies at hand, the following video can give you suggestions and tips on how to treat insect and mosquito bites:

5. FAQ about Stichheiler

5.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a complete test. In the 08/2000 issue, however, the MosQuit Stichheiler of the BBU brand was scrutinized. This mosquito mouse (reminiscent of a mouse visually) is one of the thermally acting piercing healers and was able to convince the testers that the onset of itching could be prevented. However, many testers felt that Heat effect as too strong.

5.2. Can Stichheiler also be used on babies?

Stichheiler comparison 2018: comparison

Even if devices have an extra mode for children, we advise caution. Test yourself first.

In general, we advise against using a Stichheiler in a baby. Especially thermal and electrical stitch healers can trigger a pain stimuluswhich can already be perceived as unpleasant for adults. Some models have a special children's mode, which works in a muted way. However, you must first test it out for yourself. If you feel the pain is too strong, better look at the application on your child.

5.3. Stichheiler makes sense for allergy sufferers?

There are no clinical studies on this aspect yet. However, if you suffer from an insect venom allergy, we advise against relying on just one stitch healer. These products certainly do not harm you, should in each case be applied repeatedly and in combination with medicinesthat attenuate an anaphylactic reaction. So play it safe and contactin case of emergency necessarily to a physician.

To keep track, we have below the most popular Brands and manufacturers of piercers summarized:

  • Riemser Pharma Bite Away
  • Autan
  • Care Plus
  • Brettschneider
  • NCM
  • MM Cosmetics
  • Davita
  • Gardigo
  • Disc-o-Click
  • Thermamed

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