Repairing bitumen corrugated sheets - what can you do?

Bitumen corrugated sheets are generally very durable and durable. Of course, damage or leaks can occur again and again. How to repair such damage, and what means are suitable, read in our article.

Durability and resilience

For high-quality panels are often already 10 years warranty given, the average life is even about twice as high. In addition, bitumen corrugated sheets are also extremely resistant and very resistant to many influences.

Of course, damage can still occur. As a rule, these are then small holes or leaks in the seam area (overlapping).

Suitable repair agents

To close smaller holes, you can very well use bitumen sealants. They work very well with the bitumen cover through the corrugated sheets. In addition, they are very durable and easy to work with.

Use bitumen cold glue for sealing. For larger holes or damaged areas, however, you must then resort to other bitumen sealants.

Repair with silicone

Again and again silicone is used as a sealant. Silicone is not suitable for this purpose. Do not use it to repair bitumen corrugated sheets.

Repairs in the area of ​​the eaves

If there are defects in the area of ​​the eaves or underlaid bituminous membrane, you can easily underlay a new or additional roofing membrane and simply fasten it with roofing pegs. In general, this works well, and the roof is then again tight due to the double cover.

Sealing necessary after installation?

For many other roof coverings it is recommended to additionally seal seams and overlaps after installation. For bitumen corrugated sheets this definitely does not have to be - provided they have been laid correctly.

After a professional and careful laying, the roofing with bitumen corrugated sheets is already absolutely tight. Further seals are not necessary here.

Tips & Tricks

Check your roofing regularly for damage and repair it as soon as possible. This will help prevent major damage from forming. With obvious leaks (traces of water) you must always react immediately and look for the damage. Do not forget to check the overlapping points as well. For attaching, always use suitable nails with a seal (PE sealing bell).

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