Bitumen painting: Is it necessary to dilute it?

Occasionally, the question arises whether one must dilute bitumen or bitumen coatings. Whether this is necessary, what consequences a dilution has, and how to properly process, you will find in our article.

Bitumen roof coatings

Bitumen paints are mostly used as roofing varnish, but can also be applied in other areas. Often, such paints are also used to repair or repair bitumen roofing if they have minor damages.

As a paint, a bitumen paint can protect other components very effectively against moisture. Important is: Bitumen coatings may only be diluted if the manufacturer requires it!

The consistency of the products is such that they are optimally processable. Roof coatings usually do not need to be heated in order to be workable.

manufacturer's instructions

Each product has precise manufacturer and processing instructions. These instructions must be strictly followed, otherwise the effect of the paint can not be given.

In some cases reference is made to strongly absorbent substrates. As a rule, it is possible to dilute very slightly if the substrate is very absorbent. For each product, the manufacturer indicates the maximum dilution (usually only in the range of 5%), and the products that must be used for dilution. Products other than those specified by the manufacturer may never be used for thinning!

Dilutions are mainly used for primers. The actual coating is usually not diluted, but the bitumen paint undiluted stripped. Only in this way is the full protective effect offered by bitumen actually given.

Correctly delete

Both roof coatings and bituminous based insulating coatings can often be painted or sprayed with either a quast.
Always paint only on completely clean, dry and crack-free surfaces. If cracks are evident, they must be completely closed with special bitumen filler before painting. Painting is only possible when the filler is completely dry.

Only if the substrate meets the requirements and depending on the nature of the substrate was a primer, you can rely on the tightness of the bitumen paint really.

Tips & Tricks

So that roof varnish is not so noticeable when it comes to repairing colored roofing boards, it is also available in the usual roof-paper colors (red, green, blue, and a few more).

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