Bitumen for insulation - what options are there?

Bitumen has been used for centuries in various forms as a sealing material. It has remained a most versatile and flexible tool to this day. Where bitumen in which form is used everywhere, and how to use it properly, read this post.

Main applications at the house

Bitumen is used at the house in various forms:

  • in the form of coated webs
  • as thick coating
  • as a painting
  • as a filler

In addition, bitumen is also used for road construction, where it is used for the production of asphalt. There are also medical applications - especially as bitumen-containing ointments.

In the field of insulation, bitumen is always used to prevent the ingress of moisture into components.

bitumen sheets

Bitumen membranes are available in different forms:

  • As bitumen welding track in different designs
  • as a roofing felt and as
  • self-adhesive roofing felt

Roofing board is usually fixed with bitumen hot glue or with cold glue on substrates. Usually two layers are laid one above the other, if necessary (wear) further layers can be laid over it.

Bitumen Welds contain a layer of solid bitumen on their back. When warmed up with a gas burner, this bitumen layer becomes liquid and the web adheres tightly to the substrate.

Bitumen membranes are always used for the flat sealing:

  • Flachdachabdichtungen
  • Sealings at the balcony
  • Foot seal between wall and foundation with free-standing walls

Bitumen coating

An important application for thick coatings, for example, the outer wall of a cellar, which must be completely waterproof. This application is also called "black tub".
The underground wall of the cellar, which is in the ground, must be completely watertight against the moisture from the soil which otherwise could enter the masonry or cellar concrete.

Bitumen paint

A bitumen coating is the thin-layered version of the bitumen coating. Also, it already seals to a high degree, but not as reliable and safe as the thick coating.

Wherever only little protection against moisture and humidity is needed, a coating can also be used.

Bitumen putty

Fillers serve on the one hand for sealing connections and problematic areas, on the other hand also for punctual repair of damaged roofing membranes or welding tracks and their seams.

Tips & Tricks

In order for a bituminous membrane seal to be tight, it must be laid correctly and professionally. Always pay attention to a correct execution and work always carefully.

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