Bitumen painting for the cellar: is this also possible on the inside?

Moisture problems in the basement are common. The cause is usually a faulty seal on the outside. Whether you can install a bituminous paint in the cellar for draining, which problems that gives, you will find out in detail in our article.

Moist cellar walls

Moisture in the basement can either rise from below, or get into the masonry through the basement walls lying in the ground and moisten it.

In one case, the horizontal barrier is not effective or does not exist, in the other case, the lack of the outer sealing of the outer walls.

A moisture penetration of the cellar alone by condensation (condensation) is hardly conceivable. A damp cellar floor always indicates a poor seal from below (cellar sole).

Sealing inside

To install a seal on the outside requires a lot of effort and means high costs. It must be dug up around the house, and the imperfect seal needs to be renewed.

In many cases, therefore, attempts to make the basement walls from the inside tight, so that no moisture can get into the basement. This approach can be problematic.

Thanks to the dense inner surface, moisture in the wall can no longer evaporate inwards and the wall can no longer dry. This is counterproductive and damages the building fabric considerably in the long term. In addition, draining the wall is impossible.

Effective draining

For the drainage of the cellar walls there are certainly effective methods that can also be applied from the inside. In addition, the basement walls can also be "impregnated" from the inside. The masonry then becomes completely insensitive to moisture and the closed pores no longer conduct moisture inward.

Even no longer functioning horizontal barriers can easily be retrofitted again, so that soil moisture from the ground can not rise up the walls.

All of these methods are much more effective and efficient than a bituminous paint on the inside.

Sealing of the basement floor

If the basement floor is damp, bitumen may be used in the floor construction to form a barrier. As a rule, however, you will be more likely to use liquid foil or vapor barrier foil - a bitumen coating is not a particularly viable solution.

Tips & Tricks

So bitumen coatings make little sense on the basement side and are often even counterproductive and prevent remediation.

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