Bitumen painting for the cellar - so you do it right

Bitumen coatings and bituminous coatings are the classic means of protecting basement walls against moisture penetrating from the outside. Which coating you need in which cases, and how the coating should be built, you will find in detail in our contribution.

Protection of the exterior walls at the basement

A cellar lying in the ground - or even above it - must be protected against various types of moisture:

  • adjacent soil moisture
  • leachate
  • pressing water
  • draining water

Depending on how much water is available, and where it comes from, you have to adjust the waterproofing of the basement walls accordingly.

When dealing only with soil moisture and occasionally some leachate, a multi-layer bitumen coating is generally sufficient. But as soon as pressing water or drain water comes to it, the seal must be made massive. A thick coating is then the least that is necessary.

Construction of a bituminous paint coating


First, it is worthwhile to protect the cellar walls well below the bitumen layer and seal. An excellent means for this are Dichtschlämme.

They are a mixture of cement, aggregates, minerals and plastic and are excellent sealers. They are also very inexpensive and quite easy to spread with a puff when they are finished. A triple coating with sealing slurries provides a good and very reliable sealing protection.

Sealing slurries can be applied to concrete, cement plaster and many types of masonry. With the adhesion there is hardly a problem, only on absorbent surfaces must be vorbefasst.

Pre-painting and bitumen painting

A primer is not mandatory, but very advisable. The undercoat is below the own bitumen coating.

The bitumen painting is carried out on it several layers. A layer thickness of at least 3 mm is advisable. This means you are mostly on the safe side with 3 coats on top of each other.

barrier sheet

To protect the bitumen coating even better, you can attach a barrier track. These sheets of polymer bitumen are glued directly to the bitumen layer. They significantly reduce the natural wear of the bituminous coating and also provide additional protection against running water.

Tips & Tricks

In case of problems with pressing water you should definitely have a specialist carry out the sealing. Here, you have to plan carefully, and you have to use the right methods in the right way for complete leakproofness. That can only be the expert.

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