Plaster bitumen - is that possible?

When exposing the cellar walls the "black tub" comes to light, this is usually not very appealing. Whether you can simply plaster such coatings, and what problems that gives, you will learn in detail in our post.

Plaster on bitumen

Basically, there is no way to plaster bitumen coatings. Why this is so is easily explained:

Bitumen is a building material that is oily. But since oil acts as a release agent, it is impossible that a coating - whether adhesion promoter or plaster - can adhere to this surface.

This bitumen remains only as the outermost layer suitable. No type of plaster or paint will adhere to this coating.

Problem basement walls

In most cases, the problem always occurs when cellar walls are exposed and at least partially visible. In such a case, visually disturbing the now visible thick coating of the basement walls.

In practice, nothing can be done other than to remove this coating. There are different possibilities for this.

Removing the bitumen coating

Basically, you can consider the following options to get rid of the annoying coating:

  • Distance by mechanical means
  • Distance through beam techniques
  • Removal by heat
  • Removal by chemical means

Distance by mechanical means

Almost everything works with a hammer and a chisel. However, this procedure is also extremely time consuming and tedious. If the bituminous coating is on a plaster layer, it is best to think about not cutting off the entire plaster along with the bituminous layer. In practice, this is usually much easier and less problematic.

If you only want to remove the bitumen layer, it is best to use a so-called stocker instead of a standard bit. These special bits are particularly suitable for this.

Distance through beam techniques

This is about a removal. Blasting techniques are used by professionals to get rid of unwanted coatings. You have the choice between

  • dry Ice blasting
  • JOS-rays
  • fine jets

You can find out more about the different beam techniques for removing bitumen in our special article.

Removal by heat

You can also heat the bitumen layer with a gas burner and then scrape off in the semi-liquid state with the spatula. In addition, roofers sometimes use gasoline as a solvent for the liquid bitumen, but you should avoid doing it yourself - the procedure is very dangerous.

Removal by chemical means

Bitumen solvents are applied and then liquefy the biotum layer after a short reaction time. In most cases, this method is more suitable for smaller areas or remnants of coatings.

Tips & Tricks

Professional dry ice blasting protects your walls the most. In many cases, however, the high cost of blasting will often be a counter-argument to the method.

Video Board: Damp company tanking plasters causing serious damp problems, together with bitumen on the floor