Repairing bitumen - this is how you have to proceed

Roofing board only has a limited time. That they get cracked or leaking over time is completely normal. But then it is important to have a clean repair so that no more water can penetrate. How to do it, what materials you can use, and how to proceed exactly, read our article.

Covering the tracks

You can cover roofing felt completely new, if the extent of damage is too large. Especially if you notice several damages, or have an unclear water penetration under the roof, this is definitely recommended.

The best way to bring the new Dachpappenbahnen by gluing on to really cover the old, damaged tracks really tight. You can easily apply several layers of roofing felt over each other.

Only when many layers are stacked on the roof should you dispose of the old roofing felt because of the risk of fire and re-seal it again.

Control of the roof

Regardless of whether you discover a flooding or not, you should inspect the roof at least once a year. In this way, damage can be detected early and repaired in time.

Be aware of whether you can detect individual damage, whether tracks have completely dissolved or if you notice traces of water. Also always check the transitions to the gutter, as well as all wall connections and window connections. Especially there are damages and leaks very common.

Repair minor damage

Small damage that is clearly visible, you can easily fix with roof paint. The damaged area is sealed in this way and is then completely sealed again.

You can also glue individual new tracks over a damaged track, but in this case, it is always advisable to cover the entire roof with new tracks.

Please note: At low temperatures (below 10° C) you can generally not carry out repairs on the roofing felt. Wait for a warm, dry day that is above this temperature limit to begin mending.

As a sealer for the seal, you should spray some water on the repaired area when it has dried, and see if it has actually become tight. If not, you have to repeat the seal or even glue the web over again.

Tips & Tricks

You will not be worried if you cover the roofing felt with bituminous membranes. But you need a gas burner, a helper and some experience to actually get it right.

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