Bitumen tape: you must pay attention to this during processing

Bitumen tape is a very good alternative in many areas that require an effective seal. To actually be tight later, bitumen tape must be processed properly and properly. What you have to pay attention to, you will learn in detail in our article.

Types of bitumen tapes

Bitumen tape is a self-adhesive sealing tape. It can be "laminated" in different shades to match the surface to be sealed. The type of lamination does not matter for the application - all bands are completely equivalent except for the color of the surface. These are not different materials.

Bitumen sealing tape is always self-adhesive and has a very high adhesive power. The laminated foil on the top is always flexible. This allows the application on problematic surfaces. Always make sure that the film has a UV protective coating. Usually that is the case.

Fields of application for bitumen tapes

Bitumen tapes are used for sealing in different areas:

  • Fugenabdichtungen
  • Gutter seals
  • Downspout seals
  • Roof penetrations

In addition, the band can also be used for many other sealing purposes, such as steel struts.

Conditions for the underground

The substrate must be completely dry, stable and strong. Bitumen tape adheres only on smooth surfaces. All contaminants must be completely removed from the substrate.

This is especially true for fatty contaminants, but also for

  • dust
  • Tar or pitch
  • Form oils
  • old paintings

If the substrate is metallic, it is advisable to degrease before sticking in order to achieve a sufficient adhesive effect. Many manufacturers also offer for their respective band a special primer for priming. If there is such a reason, the application is almost always recommended.

Stick bitumen tape correctly

When sticking it is important to proceed correctly. Smaller areas are covered by cutting the tape to the desired length and then peeling off the protective film. Then you can easily tape the tape.

Thereafter, the air bubbles should be carefully pushed out of the band. The best way to squeeze with a role. All air bubbles must be pushed out completely to the side.

If several pieces hit each other, the bands should overlap by at least 2.5 cm.

For longer pieces of protective film on the adhesive surface is gradually removed when sticking. The film must also be glued here completely wrinkle-free.

Tips & Tricks

Also make sure that you store the tape correctly: bitumen tape must not freeze and be exposed to constant moisture, but must be stored as dry as possible.

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