Bitumen welding track manufacturer at a glance

The manufacturers of bitumen welding tracks are united in Germany in a quality manufacturer association. You can read about the manufacturers that still exist alongside the well-known Bauder company here.

Background information

The most famous manufacturer brand in Germany is Bauder. In addition, there are still a number of other quality manufacturers for bituminous membranes, all of which have joined forces in the vdd Industrieverband Bitumen-Dach- und Gergahnen e.V. (

In addition to Bauder, these include Icopal and Mogat, Binné, BÖRNER, dapa, Hasse and Quandt, as well as the companies SOPREMA-KLEWA, VEDAG and the Emder Dachpappenfabrik. On the website of the industry association,, you can find out more about the individual manufacturers and find links to the manufacturers.

Current offers

Bituminous welding track, roll
Bauder, V 60 S, talc, with glass fleece insertdachbaustoffe.de5,49 EUR / sqm
V 60 S4, brightheim-baustoffe.de4, 31 EUR / m²
Bitumen welding tracks in different designs
Bauder THERM UL 50, elastomeric bitumen, minimum brushing timedachbaustoffe.de10,93 EUR / running meter
Bauder VA 4, bitumen-based vapor barrierbausep.de5,08 EUR / m²

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

All manufacturers, which are united in the industry association, produce under the same quality guidelines and exclusively standardized products. In any case, you have the certainty that the bituminous welding tracks you have purchased will also meet the current requirements of DIN - with other manufacturers this may not be the case.

Price comparisons are useful

And not only between the individual products of different manufacturers, but also in the trade. Often individual dealers can offer more favorable conditions than others, under certain circumstances you can also buy directly from the manufacturer and have them delivered. As a result, the quality products can often be significantly reduced.

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