Bitumen: Which dry season does one have to expect?

Again and again the question arises, which time bitumen needs to dry. Often the time to dry is underestimated. How long you have to expect, until bitumen layers are actually dry, and what factors affect that, read in this post.

Usual drying time for bitumen

For bitumen, of course, you first have to differentiate what kind of product it is. Thick coatings and bitumen barrier compounds are available in different versions.

KMB (polymer-modified bituminous compounds) is available in one-component and two-component versions, with the 2K version generally drying slightly faster than the 1K version of such products. But that does not automatically apply to every product, it's just a rough guideline.

Depending on the drying time is always from

  • Product Type
  • Temperature and
  • humidity

At temperatures of 20° C and a relative humidity of 50%, the drying time can take up to 5 days to completely dry out.

Tips & Tricks

Exact details can always be found in the respective product data sheet. To check the drying process, you can cut solid bituminous coatings in one place with the cutter. Only when everything has turned black, it is completely dry.

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