Black mold

Black mold is a generic term for around 40 types of mold. He also comes on food and is usually recognized here quickly. But should a disposal of food be neglected, the mold has the opportunity to spread to cabinets, walls and the entire apartment. But moldy foods are not the only reason for the formation of the dangerous black mold. Incorrect ventilation, too cold or too humid rooms, as well as too small a distance from cabinets or the sofa to the wall can cause the black mold to explode and not only reach the corners of the room with outside wall connection.

In the bathroom, in the window sill and behind furniture is a popular place for black mold. Since the humidity is highest here, the mold shows first and increased in these areas. Who really heats and ventilates can counteract the formation of the mold and ensure that even houses with higher humidity are not affected by the mold. To remove it is not enough to wash the superficially visible mold from the wallpaper. Rather, the wallpaper must be removed from the affected areas over a large area and the masonry treated with a mold remover. If one waives a wallpaper and brushes the wall afterwards with mold color, a renewed occurrence of the mold formation with change of heating and ventilation behavior will be missing.

Small mold corners are often downplayed and not considered important. Even small areas of black mold can affect your health and your respiratory system, as well as lead to asthma and even cancer. The spores of the white horse are distributed throughout the room and are not only found in the area where the mold is visible on the wall. For old houses, however, a leaky or damp wall, as well as a leaky window can also be the cause.

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