Black floor tiles are the expression of elegance

Black is called the color of mourning, but it is also the hue of elegance. In the furnishing and living area, floor tiles in black paint create an interesting and modern style. Especially in combination with architecturally individual furniture and bright walls, they produce a corresponding effect.

Black on trend

Today's trend is towards monochrome floor tiles. This not only means colorful tiles, black is a color that can be combined well with tiles in other colors. Although women want more colorful colors in the house than men, but who likes it rather timeless, is always right with black.

How about black vinyl?

Black is not the same black, depending on the material and surface creates a different picture. If you like it easier, choose the vinyl tile, in a size of 30.5 x 30.5 they are also suitable for a quick installation. They are already available at the price of 13.50 Euro at

Black floor tiles with polished surface

A new variant are modern floor tiles in black with polished surface. These are robust, easy-care and are suitable as flooring for bathroom, kitchen and living area.

The modern color black with its natural structures lends the rooms comfort. The polished tiles have calibrated edges and create an almost joint-free laying pattern.

These special tiles are available in black glossy 30 x 60 cm or black satin matt 45 x 95 cm at The price per square meter for these trendy black floor tiles is 54 euros.

The small difference

Floor tiles are distinguished by their materials and surface treatments. The selection of tiles for the respective application areas is based on certain criteria.

  • total thickness
  • wear layer
  • mass
  • Impact sound reduction
  • fastness
  • Floor suitable or not
  • abrasion class
  • Anti-slip category
  • Care and cleaning

Tips & Tricks

A cheap variant for floor tiles in black are vinyl tiles. They allow a simple and creative interior design. The foil is simply peeled off the tiles, the tiles are pressed tight and the floor covering is finished.

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