Lead pouring: interpretation and symbols - New Year's Eve celebrations on New Year's Eve party

Lead pouring as New Year's Eve consumption

Lead pouring: interpretation and symbols - New Year's Eve celebrations on New Year's Eve party: pouring

Lead casting is one of the most popular New Year's Eve traditions for predicting the future of the New Year. In fact, it's not really about casting lead, it's about Zinngießen, Lead is highly toxic and therefore unsuitable for the fun oracle. Tin, on the other hand, melts easily and is easy to work with.

The savvy home improvement course, of course, has everything that is needed for lead casting already in the house:

  • tin, for example, from the role
  • on small burner for melting the tin
  • on melting spoon
  • a water bowl to cool the figures

Or you buy yourself one of the popular lead casting setswhich are offered everywhere every year on New Year's Eve. There, however, a candle flame is usually taken to melt - which takes longer.

For lead pouring, the metal is heated in a spoon over a candle or a Bunsen burner until it is liquid. The molten lead or tin is then poured into the water bowl. Due to the coldness of the water, the metal immediately solidifies and forms interesting shapes that are interpreted by the participants of the lead casting have to.

Lead pouring: interpretation and symbols - New Year's Eve celebrations on New Year's Eve party: lead

Lead casting interpretation

Symbolic figures in lead casting. Can you predict the future? to Interpretation of the forms The metal is either viewed directly or one interprets the shadow cast of the form on a wall.

A list of typical figures in lead casting and their interpretation follows here:

Love and family

pineappleSilent love
infantDomestic peace
axDisappointment in love
broomBeware of the mother-in-law!
bedCaution during sex is required
BRA.Fulfillment in love
beeWedding is starting
flowerIt develops a new friendship
pretzelEntanglements in love
eggaddition to the family
bucketSatisfaction in the relationship
elephantMuch strength in relationship crises
AngelCalmness and happy age
FalconSomeone is jealous of you
MrsYou are loved
gardenA new love enters your life
antlerUnhappy love, jealousy
guitarSecret yearnings
Bell jarIt announces offspring
gummy bearSomeone wants a child
heartYou will fall in love next year
BeetleAn affair is imminent
wreathAn argument ends well in reconciliation
slipperA wedding is imminent
pistolCheating in love
chimney sweeperHappiness in love
vaseYou fall in love

Occupation and business

Eaglesucess at work
anvilCaution in the job
automobileA risky venture is imminent
LetterNow plan something new
triangleFinancial improvement
owlCheap future planning
rockThere is still much work to do
golf clubA new offer should not be rejected
bushesYou should recognize the abilities of others
hookObstacles block your way
hammerYou will go your way
HouseYour projects bring success
deerProfit in view
horseshoeProfessional success or profitable business
boatGood luck with your plans
camelNew taxes
coneAttention to business!
trowelFinancial loss
CrownYou become rich
ladderA promotion in the profession or success in school and study
moonHonor is waiting for you
nailBetter times are coming
nutA project succeeds
medalYou gain glory and honor!
plowYou have to work harder
saberProblems at work
scissorsImportant decisions are imminent
SnakeYou are jealous of your success
carriageUse your relationships
sailboatSuccess in the job ahead!
stairsYou are honored
dwarfYou underestimate yourself
cylinderImportant things are waiting for you

Luck and coincidence

fishing rodPack the luck with your head
broomA conflict is imminent
bagUnexpected luck
fishLuck in the game
froglottery win
golferA lucky hit is imminent
dogYou get an incredible news
capGood news
potUnpleasant complications are coming up
chaliceHappy future
cloverleafHappiness and contentment in the new year
pipeThere is danger ahead
equestrianLasting happiness
butterflyYour happiness is unstable
viceBe content with what you have!
pigLuck in the game
SunLuck in all things
dancerDo not take life too seriously
ClockGood times are coming
birdsYou will be lucky
cubelottery win
ZeppelinEverything will be fine

Environmentally friendly alternative: the wax oracle

Every reveler would like to take a look into the future on a New Year's Eve party. Usually, the finished lead pouring sets are bought, which are available almost everywhere shortly before the turn of the year. But that does not have to be. Although lead poisoning has for a very long time not used toxic lead, but harmless tin, it is for the environmentally conscious and price-conscious a simple as an alternative to the "wax oracle" or "wax casting" switch.

To do this, simply collect candle remnants especially during the Christmas holidays. The wax remains are melted in a large spoon or trowel over a candle or burner and the liquid wax is poured into the water bath instead of the tin.

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