Cleaning the blender - that's easy

Blenders are indispensable for smoothies, and for thorough blending of foods and soups. However, cleaning can often be a nuisance. How fast and easy, and what to look for when cleaning, read in this post.

Cleaning problems with the blender

So fast and easy to use - put food in it, mix it, get it done - it's so time-consuming when cleaning it afterwards: the blender. Especially the low-cost smoothie makers often do not make it easy to clean them after use.

The area where the blades are located is difficult to access. In addition, there is also a high risk of injury because the blades are very sharp. It is not uncommon for sponges to suffer as well.

Not all parts of the blender can be placed in the dishwasher, especially with the blade unit is not always possible and not advisable.

Immediate cleaning

The worst idea is always to leave a blender uncleaned. It is best to clean them immediately after mixing so that nothing can dry out.

cleaning methods

As many areas of the blender are difficult to access, the solution for a thorough cleaning is especially in soaking.

Immediately after use, rinse all parts thoroughly with water. If you want to clean the blender, add some warm water to the blender with a little detergent and let it stand for a while (about 10 - 15 minutes).

Then simply mix again and rinse all parts thoroughly again. This can be easily removed even slightly soiled dirt. Even more effective are dishwasher tabs that dissolve in warm water.

For hardship cases, you can also use a mixture of water and baking soda or water and soda for soaking. This will usually solve even stubborn dirt well. In hardship cases you should simply extend the soaking period accordingly. With a bottle brush for the shaker and a dishwashing brush for the blade unit you can also manage.

Tips & Tricks

A good alternative to the blender is in many cases the classic hand blender. You do not have to be afraid of an elaborate cleaning: it's easy. Just click on the link.

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