Build a roller blind yourself

To build an exterior roller blind itself is very expensive, because you would have to build a roller blind box. However, we can show you here a InnenrollO for DIY, which you can conditionally use outside.

Build a blind of awning fabric itself

The easiest way to build your own is a Roman blind. First, get the best awning fabric. Be sure to choose the fabric generously as appropriate, because you will also need to sew a hollow hem through which you can pull the wire rope to the side guide. You also need the following parts:

  • Wire ropes for lateral guidance
  • Awning fabric for the external blind
  • Fiberglass rods for upper and lower end
  • Fixing material for the wire ropes

Sew on the hem - also for the cross struts

After you have measured the window and got the fabric, you can sew the hem. For this you need about 3 cm oversize on each side. Also, such a seam is sewn at the top and bottom, in order to use the cross struts made of fiberglass can. Incidentally, you will find these fiberglass rods in the craft department for the kite industry.

Attach the wire ropes to the window sash

You can also use other cross bars to better tension the roller blind. Now you can do the attachment for the ropes. For the wire cables of halogen lamps there are fixings with a spacer. This ensures that the rope does not have to rest directly on the frame of the sash.

Depending on the system, the rope is now clamped differently in the brackets. At the middle of the end of the roller blind, which you want to slide open and close, you can sew on a loop and screw in a corresponding hook on the window sash.

Put the roller blind on the ropes

Now you can put the blind on the rope and fix the rope on the other, not yet closed side. You can now expand or contract the roller blind in the ropes. If you want to use such a self-made roller blind as an exterior roller blind, you must remember that you can not operate it from the inside.

Use as an external blind

As you can see here, it is expensive to install a roller shutter box. For a self-made roller blind this effort is absolutely not. But you can use such a roller blind instead like an awning.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of building exterior blinds, it would be worth considering to install here rather shutters, which open the side. These shutters can be designed in the look like the wooden slats of a wooden roller blind.

Video Board: How to Build Your Own Roller Shade