Shorten a blind

If you want to shorten a blind, it should usually go to the width. How you do a roller blind when shortening depends primarily on what kind of roller blind is concerned. In the following guidebook, we explain how to shorten all the roller blinds that are possible.

Everyone understands something else under a roller blind

As suggested, Rollo is not the same as Rollo. That's because everyone uses the word differently. So a roller blind can mean one of the following products:

  • External Blinds
  • blinds
  • shutters

Cut external blinds

Depending on course, the shortening of course completely different. The fabric blinds must either be turned over or trimmed for shortening and then put back on a hem. Depending on the operation, the seam may need to be hollow to accommodate the ropes for guidance - if any.

Cut a blind in width

The shortening of a roller shutter, however, is the least complicated in terms of the actual shortening, but considerably in the workload. You must remove the entire shell to shorten the roller shutter in width.

How to do this, we show under "Replacing roller shutter armor". Although you do not replace the roller shutter, the work described there corresponds to the work required to shorten the slats.

Shortening the shutter slats is simple, but expensive

The slats themselves are easy to cut. Because the cut ends are not visible later, since the slats run outside in the side guide rails. Nevertheless, you should of course try to keep to the same extent width - provided that it is not a crooked window in an old building.

In addition, do not forget to deburr the blades after cutting. This is important so that the tank in its entirety later runs perfectly in the guide rails. More information can be found under "Shortening shutters"

To shorten the blinds you need appropriate machines

The most difficult is shortening in the width of blinds. The slats are usually very thin and filigree, also rounded at the ends evenly. Simply cut off is no longer necessary because the blinds no longer look good. However, there is the possibility to reduce blinds. You need to go to a corresponding hardware store.

In hardware stores you will find machines to cut these blinds

Many DIY stores offer special machines for curtaining blinds. There the roller blind is inserted and all slats are shortened evenly. Even the curves can be maintained depending on the machine. You can find more about shortening blinds here.

Tips & Tricks

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