Venetian blind does not go up anymore

Venetian blinds are mainly due to the much lighter construction compared to shutters. But they are also more susceptible to defects. A typical and widespread problem is when the venetian blind does not go up. In the following guide, we explain what is the cause and how the blind that can not be raised can be repaired.

Blinds and shutters

Colloquially, shutters are also referred to as blinds. However, both products are completely different constructions. More information can be found under "Blinds or shutters". This guide is all about blinds or blinds, so not to shutters. To shutters you will find in the house journal but also numerous guides and instructions.

Various types of blinds

First, a distinction must be made between the design of the individual blinds:

  • simple blind with reversing cord
  • Venetian blind with drawstring (and cassette with roll for the drawstring)
  • electric blinds
  • External blind with threaded rod and crank

Simple blinds are no longer high

In simple blinds with a reversible cord, the cord is usually tangled or jammed. Accordingly, the cord only has to be unbundled again. It is also possible that existing stoppers have jammed.

Blind with drawstring is no longer high

If a blind with drawstring is no longer high, the drawstring roll is usually not sufficiently tensioned. Then the cassette must be opened to get to the roll. In the worst case, you must first unwind the drawstring. Make sure, however, that the blinds have been completely opened.

Just roll the reel a few turns now. Then you can mount the drawstring again. Normally, the clamping force would now be enough to roll the blind upwards. If you notice when tightening, that no more tension arises. Is probably the tension spring too worn or even broken. Then the complete role must be renewed.

Electric blinds do not raise properly

With electric blinds, there are various options that are in question, which is why the blind is no longer high. Here, too, you must first differentiate between the types of construction: electric blinds with limit stops and electronic blinds with electronically controlled and stored end position points.

In pure electric blinds as well as electric models that do not start up, the tension band may be jammed. In addition, the actuator (the control unit) can no longer respond in both types. This must then be measured electrically. In the case of an electronic blind, it may also be the case that the limit position points are adjusted. This is when the blind can only be moved up and down within a certain range.

Exterior blinds with crank and threaded rods are solid

Exterior blinds with threaded rod are exposed to the weather. So also the threaded rod and the crank mechanism. The threaded rods pass through all slats. The blind can not be raised as a whole. Only the slats can be adjusted and aligned. In most cases, corrosion is the cause if the slats can no longer be adjusted. Some spray oil is often enough.

In rare cases, you need to clean the crank drive and threaded rod (rust by grinding). In addition, over the years, however, grease and oil can collect in the crank mechanism and harden together with dirt particles. Then you have to clean the crank mechanism and regrease it. Pay attention to suitable grease or oil, which does not tend to harden.

Tips & Tricks

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