Venetian blind or roller shutters

At first, the comparison may be a bit irritating for some readers, as you immediately think of indoor venetian blinds. But there are also blinds for outdoor use. Then the comparison is a bit more concrete. In this guide we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of roller shutters and blinds - of course also for inside and outside.

Venetian blinds for exterior or shutters

It is a bit irritating for many people, as we blinds in the outdoor area are apparently not so widespread. Apparently, because blinds for outdoor use can look very similar to a roller shutter. So you may have already seen outdoor blinds without realizing it. Since the advantages and disadvantages of the roller shutter compared to the indoor blind are obvious, we want to start with it.

The numerous advantages of roller shutters

Thus, high quality roller shutters offer a whole range of different advantages. However, we would like to point out that the advantages listed below are not necessarily valid for every outdoor roller shutter:

  • very good thermal insulation
  • very good sun and thus heat protection
  • very good protection of the window against the weather extremes (driving rain for example)
  • depending on the individual product very good burglary protection
  • good sound insulation
  • well adjustable privacy screen

Despite numerous advantages also significant disadvantages

Shutters bring a lot of advantages. But there are some disadvantages that should not be underestimated. For example, burglary protection can be significantly worse than promised by the manufacturer. Even metal roller shutters can be broken up by burglary professionals within a very short time.

Especially with energetic construction, certain shutters are unsuitable

Much more important, however, are costs and installation costs. In particular, electrically powered roller shutter systems can quickly become costly. However, another disadvantage has been particularly evident in recent years, since the thermal insulation of facades more attention is paid.

In particular roller shutters with an internal roller shutter box mean a significant thermal bridge in the facade. The shutters are then facing with external roller shutter box, but because of this visible box are less popular (except when retrofitting). In addition, there is a relatively large maintenance, especially when it comes to electric shutters.

Venetian blinds reveal their advantages where roller shutters have considerable disadvantages

In principle, the disadvantages of roller shutters are exactly the advantages that blinds can offer. First of all, they differ in their striking lighter construction. You also need no cost to roll up, as they are simply pulled up like indoor blinds. Together with the roller shutter, they have a lateral guide on the window reveal or the window frame so that even wind can not harm the lighter exterior blinds.

The style-shaping effect should not be underestimated

The clearest advantage is probably the light construction. Not only because exterior blinds are much easier and faster to install. Also, visually, exterior blinds have an appealing effect that seems particularly delicate. With the materials you can choose from almost all else typical for interior blinds and shutters typical products. There are even electric drive options like the roller shutters.

Tips & Tricks

If we have now aroused your interest in blinds, you will find in the house journal numerous other articles about this product. Of course, a guide on how to retrofit a blind.

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