Venetian blind braced

Venetian blinds convince above all by their simple structure and the light construction. But that always leads to smaller problems. It often happens that a blind gets jammed. What needs to be done depends on the design of the blind. In this article we will show you how to repair a tense blind.

This is about blinds!

Again and again, people equate blinds and shutters. Both are completely different products. So if you are looking for a guide because your roller shutter is causing problems, we offer help under Repair the blind.

Designs of blinds and external blinds

With the blinds you have to differentiate them according to the type of construction and the place of application. There are interior and exterior blinds, as well as those that are mounted between two casement double-glazed windows. With the types you can differentiate the following blinds:

  • Drawstring blinds
  • Reversible or reversing bar blinds
  • Blinds with crank
  • electric blinds (usually with a drawstring)
  • Venetian blinds with an endless chain (mostly vertical, hanging slats)
  • Venetian blinds with threaded rod and crank (the slats can only be adjusted at an angle)

Tense exterior blinds

External blinds are mounted due to the higher demands against the weather conditions and in particular the wind with lateral guide rails. Depending on the design of your blinds, however, in the event of inadequate maintenance or after a violent gust of wind, it may happen that the slats in the guide rail have become distorted. You can easily check that. It is usually sufficient to simply pull the slats down a bit.

Reversing loop blinds are particularly tense

Particularly vulnerable are blinds with reversible cord. The two cords run into a cassette over the blind. Often it is the case that the cord feedthrough is "clogged" by accumulating dirt particles or fraying cords. The blind is therefore neither jammed nor braced, but rather the cord cause. Basically, this can also occur with blinds with drawstring.

Electric or drawstring blinds that seem to be distorted

If the blind does not go up, many do-it-yourselfers also suspect tense slats. The cause is usually no longer enough tensioned role for the drawstring. Follow the link and get information on how to get rid of this damage.

Even with electric blinds, many initially think that the slats would probably have to be braced if the blinds no longer go up or down. Here, the end positions are usually set again.

Tips & Tricks

If you still can not understand the damage, we offer you another article "repairing blinds" to repair typical damage to external blinds.

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