Venetian blinds and shutters for the World Cup

Venetian blinds and shutters for the World Cup: world

Blinds protect against sunlight

I admit, until today I have the terms "Louvre" or "Roller shutter" not necessarily associated with the World Cup. However, the connection is closer than you think. So I have read only today a press release in which it is advertised that you can not really enjoy the FIFA World Cup without an opaque Venetian blind in good weather. That's right, of course, because nothing bothers you more than being disturbed by the sun while watching TV.

Retrofit blinds in good time

Shutters and awnings can be easily retrofitted. Professionally assembled and long-lasting products are offered by specialist companies in the roller shutter and sun protection engineering trade. At you will also learn how to retrofit a roller shutter yourself.

Design your own shades and print them yourself

Venetian blinds and shutters for the World Cup: venetian

Get the holiday on your roller blinds. Source:

However, the topic of roller shutters is not really new and has not developed in recent years. I think it is even more innovative, roller blinds, blinds, curtains or a pleated to print individually with a photo. This goes e.g. on Since April 2010, individual pictures can be printed on blinds, curtains and blinds. You can choose from over seven million images, or just upload your own photo (for example, from your last vacation).

The idea for the website came to the managing director of when setting up his new apartment: "I was looking for something suitable for my windows. I noticed how boring most roller blinds are. That's why I wondered why roller blinds can not actually be printed with their own motifs - as is the case with so many products. "

Would not it be nice to be able to print your blinds on the inside with a photo? If there is already such a service, please write a short comment how and where to do it.

Further information about the branch products and specialized companies in the area can be found at the Federal Association for Roller Shutters + Sun Protection e. V. under

P.S.: If you would like to do some sports yourself at halftime, you will learn how to make your own Torwand or build a foosball table.

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