Install blinds

Basically, the attachment of external blinds or blinds is very simple. Nevertheless, some points have to be taken into account during assembly. Many blinds can even be installed without drilling. In this guide, we explain how you can install blinds quickly and easily.

Versions of blinds

The blinds are available in a wide variety of designs. Accordingly, there are also differences in mounting:

  • Venetian blinds with reversing cord and turning bars
  • Venetian blinds with and without lateral guidance
  • Venetian blinds with drawstring
  • Venetian blinds with electric drive
  • Venetian blinds mounted over the soffit
  • Venetian blinds that fit perfectly into the reveal or on the window frames

Of course, these are significant differences, so that the different blinds are also different according to fix. Mounting simple blinds is usually very easy. The cassette is drawn in the water and then either drilled or glued. Depending on whether the blinds are to be mounted in width on measure, precautions must be taken.

Blinds on measure

Under "Shut down blinds" you will get corresponding tips. Especially if you want to cut the blinds yourself. Many indoor blinds, whether made of plastic, wood or metal, have machines in well-assorted DIY stores that can be used to cut down on blinds. The lamellae retain the typical curves at the ends and are all cut off evenly.

Measure exactly before buying

In particular, if the blinds are to be fitted in the window reveal, but you have to measure the width in several places:

  • below
  • in the middle
  • above

Especially in old buildings there are clear differences that can make up several centimeters. It is important that the blinds are then adapted to the actual reveal dimensions, otherwise it looks visually as if the blinds were cut diagonally. Although it is actually the soffit that is crooked.

Venetian blinds with guide rails

With blinds guided sideways in a rail, you must note that all the slats in the rail can run, but on the other hand also do not jam, because they are wider than the soffit in certain places. Often, that's why a venetian blind strays.

Assembly of electric blinds

Under "Retrofit motor for blinds" we describe in detail the mounting of the technique. But important are the preparations. You have to bring the electrical supply to the window.

That means you will have to put a power line to the window. Here, the motor, the actuator (control) and the control unit must be powered. Please observe the general rules when creating electrical supply lines in masonry.

Tips & Tricks

There are exterior blinds that can be operated from the inside via a drawstring similar to a roller shutter. Here you must be particularly careful when installing. The opening of the wall, which can be, has a significant negative impact on the thermal insulation of the house. In particular, if it is an energetic new building or appropriately renovated old building, you should absolutely exchange with a specialist company, if it is really recommended to create a cold bridge for it.

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