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Another blogger gives the honor and answers my questions in an interview. Today it is Hauke ​​von Operation home, With his amusing spelling he reports on his projects and gives helpful instructions. We have known each other for some time and now it's time for you to meet Hauke.

Operation home - The daily home improvement madness

We've known each other for quite some time and above all, I know your kind of weird (nice) way. Try to introduce yourself to the readers and especially your style or your writing style. Right off the bat, who does not have the answer, he should read the article on "Wunderrasen - Captain Green".

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Hauke ​​(left in the picture)

Hi Ricc, First of all, I want to thank you for choosing me for your interview series. But now the desired information from me. My name is Hauke, I'm 34 years old, married to a great woman and together we have a wonderful 4 year old son. I live in the district of Paderborn, where we bought a small house from the seventies almost exactly two years ago.

Professionally, I have absolutely nothing to do with the craft, I am a software developer and develop CRM systems. Since home improvement is a great change and a good alternative to the gym.

My writing style would best be described as "relaxed". Because honestly, what does it bring if you do not call the child by name? If a product is lousy, I'm the last one to stay behind the mountain. Of course you can not write most things as you would like without anyone feeling kicked on the tie. Therefore, irony and sarcasm are sometimes very good helpers to express his honest opinion. The proportion of such posts in my blog but I would rather call low. At some point you will develop a nose for good products when buying a tool.

The third software developer in our blog presentations.
Now that everyone knows who you are, surely everyone wants to know what kind of blog you are leading. At first glance, there seems to be something about everyone.
From everyone sounds something now after the offer on windy butter trips. I would call operation home home rather than classic home improvement blog. I report there about projects, new tools in my collection and just about anything that thematically fits into it. You know it yourself, there is always something to do around the house and therefore I will not run out of topics for the blog so quickly.

Operation home - the house is a garage and is upside down

Blog presentation - Operation home: presentation

the house is a garage

I have been reading your blog for a long time and for quite some time the question torments me why in the article "Consideration: Extension of the garage by equipment house" your house is upside down.

Here I have to counteract massively, in the picture are my garage and the roof of the neighboring house to see. For a 15-square-meter house, the variety of topics mentioned would be much lower. Why the picture is upside down, I can not tell you exactly, at least it's just the thumbnail of the actual article. For some inexplicable reason, the picture was upside down and I thought it was pretty nice, apparently it's an eye-catcher as I can tell from your question. Then it has more than fulfilled its purpose. ?

You really have an amusing writing style. What do you mean, why is your blog read? Is it your funny way or rather the technical / professional side? Do you notice that in the comments?

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Hang the blanket

As the main traffic from my blog arrives via search engines, I tend to regard my audience as solution-oriented. The few search terms that Google still moves out, at least strongly suggest. Most visitors are more likely to seek solutions to simple problems such as hanging a ceiling or closing radiator grates, the classic 70's relic. These are traditionally always the topics in which self-proclaimed professionals or craft companies report in the comments to do my job badly. A good indicator that craft companies earn good money with this activity and feel threatened by detailed instructions from the DIY corner. The prime example is the comments on my repair of our clothes dryer.

You write about the furniture, car, technology, garden, house remodeling.... Where do you classify your favorite activity? Are you having fun or are there works that you do not like at all?

Blog presentation - Operation home: presentation

Tiles for the fireplace

My favorite summer activities are definitely outside in the garden, I like to try new things there, such as chili cultivation. Currently I'm building a 15 square meter shelter for the firewood with integrated water tank and "garbage cans disappear mechanism". This will certainly be a big topic in my blog in the next few days. In the winter, on the other hand, not ten horses get me into the garden, then snow shoveling is the highest of feelings. In the winter months, projects in the interior of the house make it fun for me, last winter there was a stove in the living room and for this winter, a new bathroom is being planned.

No matter if summer or winter: wallpapering and painting is not possible! Not that I would not get it, but I really hate this work!

What about you with spontaneous projects? Does everything have to be planned exactly?

Of course, small projects always work! Since I am really quite spontaneous and actually only do what I feel like, there are occasionally quite strange things going on around here. At some point I was in the basement and wanted to insulate the heating pipes in the boiler room, but came back after two hours with a dog bowl made of mahogany and stainless steel pots. If I had a dog, that would have been great! So I had two hours of fun in the basement, no insulated pipes, but a really fine dog counter without a dog.
These are always the projects that are not photographed in the heat of the moment and documented in the blog.

Why did you become a blogger? Was there a specific project, which you wanted to introduce or just a need for communication?

Blog presentation - Operation home: operation

Radiator shutters close

Home Ownership is not my first blog, but certainly the most continuously managed. The initial project that inspired me to blog about home improvement was certainly the purchase of our home two years ago. It was clear from the beginning that there is a lot to do and the topics do not go out so quickly. I like to pass on my experiences and to one or the other, who is uncertain, to give some tips on the way. Tips not in the form of clever clicks with the index finger but through my blog posts. Here everyone can get an idea of ​​what I have done and draw their own conclusion. Either a "great made, I'll do it" or a "what a jerk, I would never do that" comes around. Both are reactions that occur with certainty and with which I can live well.

Of course, to be able to give you the right wishes, I have to know what you want for your blog. What's next?

For my blog, I wish the same as almost anyone who publishes something on the net: More and satisfied readers. Maybe with this interview I could get one or the other to visit me more often! In the future, of course, it will continue to be read at regular intervals irregular contributions around the home improvement.

Of course my wishes will go in that direction as well - lots of new and consistent readers, lots of ideas and of course a dog for your dog bowl.

Thanks for the nice interview.

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