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Bine aka "what's your own"

Hello dear blog readers,

our round once had the name "the best home improvement blogs". But in the meantime, even a die-hard DIY enthusiast can no longer completely escape the art of craftsmanship. That's why I want to introduce you today. At Bine, a lot is about manual work, which is not exactly my specialty. Nevertheless, read here and always find interesting posts. Finally, Bine takes the jigsaw and very important, she can write great and has a feeling for interesting contributions. With one certain she has convinced me as a reader...

My interview with Bine - what own

Hello Bine,

First of all, I would like some self-assessment and a little idea of ​​you. As you may know, I am a convinced handyman, I do not do much craftsmanship and have nothing to do with manual work. What do you think makes your blog so interesting that I end up with you again and again? What makes you and your blog special?

Blog presentation - what own: your

Hashtag Minaudiere

That starts off well! How should I answer such a question objectively? Of course my blog is special. There's something of your own! No, have fun! I think that my blog is read by many readers because it is a multi-faceted mix of different topics, just a grocery store! In addition, my heart is not only on my tongue, but also on my fingertips.
I write what I think and feel and often write very personally. That seems to be out there.

Knitting, crocheting, sewing... That's neither you nor your blog. You write about needlework, pictures, DIY.... and meet so many tastes. That makes your blog interesting and worth reading for me. But you convinced me with your contribution #Hashtagliebe / Hashtag Schminktäschchen. The combination of manual work and Internet texting I found absolutely great. Add to that your writing style, which is very personal without releasing your private life. An art that not every blogger masters.

But now back to you. Although this is about your blog, so I can not escape your small shop but not. What does he mean for you. Do you run a blog for the shop, shop for the blog, project financing...? For manual work, the items are not expensive and you will certainly not rich of it. So why are you selling your items.

Blog presentation - what own: your

painted coffee mugs

My shop is my job. At first it was a hobby. When the kids were very young, I started to sew out of pure fun, then found Dawanda, got in there and posted the first articles. At some point, the demand increased, I licked blood and found the idea of ​​actually making money very tempting. So I invested a lot of time and work, mostly in the late evening and night hours in my independence.
The shop was in front of the blog and both initially ran independently of each other. At some point, however, I realized that I have to combine both. The blog is now and then the shop window of my shop.
I have been in the business for almost eight years now and have found good sources of purchasing during this time and have been able to win many regular customers. Besides, I work very efficiently. So you can rest assured, I actually earn my purse. As far as the prices are concerned, I have to agree with you. I would not mind a few euros more. Unfortunately, there are too many competitors selling below price. I am forced to adapt as much as possible.

Especially in the last article "Cologne has so much to offer" I noticed your great pictures. Although I'm just a layman in the field, but the choice of subject, image sharpness and colors are already impressive for me. Is the hobby, learned, self-appropriated? I think you could also have a pure blog about photography. Has that never irritated you?

Thank you for the compliment. Photography is a much loved hobby and passion. I have been taking pictures for as long as I can and am happy to talk to people from our circle of friends about whom I have already learned a lot. I also like to try something new, turn in this or that cog and learn by what the camera so everything can. Try it! To lead a pure photoblog, that never really irritated me. There are also too many good and professional blogs that can do that better. I prefer to stay at my general store.

Now we finally come to the DIY area. What do you especially like most? Sure, you can see a lot of stitched but you also grasp sometimes jigsaw and co?

Blog presentation - what own: Bine

Bine can also do with the jigsaw.

I'm a huck back hobbyist. I like projects that go fast and where I see results even faster. A shoulder bag is sewn on, a Christmas ball wreath glued together on an evening, a few coffee cups painted on an afternoon, reading bones sewn for the children in a few hours. I really like to work with fabrics, otherwise with paper and pencil. But I've also used the saw before. In January 2012, I made a tubular shelf or better: secretly ?

As with all other bloggers (or are you a blogger?), I would also like to know what you are most proud of. Are there certain things that you like to show?

The last project that really filled me with pride was a sewn patchwork pillowcase. That did not work at first. I showed my triangles-sewing-disaster on my blog and received many great tips and tricks and links from my readers. The second try worked flawlessly and it looks really great.
Otherwise, sewing and selling make my make-up bags really proud and happy. The idea that all women somewhere in Germany or in other European countries with me unknown women are carried in the handbags or in the bathroom, that's really great and fills me with pride!

Since I'm a blogger myself, your comments make me a bit jealous. Why is it that you comment on so many of your posts? If there is a secret recipe, you can also tell me privately. ?

Blog presentation - what own: work

Patchwork Pillowcase

Is not that great? I'm happy about every single comment and at the same time I'm a bit ashamed because I've become pretty annoyed myself. However, especially in the last few weeks, I've done a lot more punching and commenting on other blogs when I had something to say. A comment on a blog is like applause at a performance, like a friendly greeting on the street. You get feedback and what is written or shown is not only taken note of by the readers, but also commented on. I think that makes blogging.
Unfortunately, I have no secret recipe for you and can not explain to you even with the best will, why my posts are sometimes more, sometimes less commented.

When I look at your blog, you've pretty much achieved everything with it. You can write about what you want, it is read and commented. You have tons of readers and paid contributions because you are not blogging for money. What else is there for blog goals?

Just keep having fun. I like to write and photograph for my life. These are m.E. the basic requirements that a blogger should bring. 'my own' is my virtual journal, in which I like to leaf back sometimes and enjoy old stories. Also, if I have a blog low now and again and have little time or desire to work on the blog - without it does not work.
Every now and then I quarrel with myself, whether I should not enter into one or the other cooperation, I have to admit that. That's how I get money through it.

On the other hand, I do not feel comfortable blogging about a product or spinning a story about it. Let's see what the future brings. In general, I am open to everything and I am very curious to see where the journey is going.

Blog presentation - what own: blog

reading bone

Then I wish you that your wishes come true and everything continues to be so positive. I say goodbye and thank you with a quote: "I have something in my hand... and as a woman I have the feeling that I am on my own feet... I have something of my own..."
Yes, Mrs Hoppenstedt, you have that! (Insiders know)ricc

Thank you very much for the very nice interview! It not only made me happy, it also made me think! Merci!

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