Blounterschau 2014/24: DIY and DIY - the best articles of the last days

Today we start here for the first time with a blouse show. In this case, as a weekly review for creative blogs. Inspiring DIY blog articles about crafts, decoration and crafts from the past few days in the short overview.

Nice sewing with my own work

At the Eigenwerk Magazine is a new issue with a focus "Material" come out.
The print edition is as always very lovingly designed and has this time as a cover an attractive hipster with sewing machine (!). Included are u. a. a guide to sewing a gym bag, probably for notorious gym bag burners. Unfortunately, the scribblers for free reading do not contain complete articles.

But there are many freebies on the blog itself, including a new step-by-step guide to a fashionable summer bag "Berlin", including a free pattern. The bag is also likely to appeal well to more civilized cities such as Dusseldorf adapt.

Colorful interior stairs

at Pünktchen und Anton A gloomy interior staircase is beefed up with simple means and wrapping paper patterns. The ornament can be removed again at any time, should it come to a dispute with the landlord or changes its own taste pattern.

Star Wars Handicrafts: Broom to Lightsabers

at Annie's DIY old best styles and color remains are up-cycled to laser swords.
Simple but effective guide if Star Wars enthusiastic godchildren come for a surprise visit.
However, I am not sure that this will not further fuel the debate on German arms exports.

Deco-setting box from old drawer

There is even more upcycling Carla from Letterschming's world, Here is a beautiful, found old drawer to Hingucker frame for the wall aufgemöbelt.

Simply print wood with Michas Holzblog

Last but not least shows us Michajust as you can bring logos or ornaments on wood with relatively simple tools (a laser printer and an iron). It works best with red cedar wood.

Which of these ideas did you like the most? We are looking forward to the next week.

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