Blogrundschau 28/2014 - Wood and Technology

Blogrundschau 28/2014 - Wood and Technology: wood

my blouse show for you

It is Sunday and I have read again for you through the home improvement blogs to introduce the interesting posts.

Incidentally, there are about 50 blogs, which I watch for you in the blouse show. An interesting thing and you look forward to continuations of already read articles.

Barbecue in the "Shaker Style"

After the Alwaysworkingman has broken its spell, it is practically a Grill station in the "Shaker Style" on. And as befits a Swabian, old sauna benches are revalued. A super detailed insight into the work.


Automatic desk on IandDIY

On my blog is the automatic desk in the final phase and is already at its destination. An extraordinary load test confirms the stability of the lifting motors.


Wood and glue at Heiko Rech's

A very interesting report delivers Wood and glue this week. Wolfram has booked a "project course" with Heiko Rech and reports in great detail about the course of such a project 2-day courseit. Of course, proud of his completed project. Interesting to read and makes you want more.


Michael's bottle carrier is ready

As promised, give up Micah Wood Blog the second and last part of his project presentation - bottle carrier, A six-pack in two weeks. Super described and ideal for reproduction.


Selfie in 3D

No in-house production, therefor perhaps the latest iconic trend. Selfies from the 3D printer, Certainly not yet optimal and also quite expensive, but a great idea, which will not be buried again so fast. I think it's great.


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