Blogrundschau 29/2014 - Wood and Technology

Blogrundschau 29/2014 - Wood and Technology: 2014

my blouse show for you

So fast passes a week, it is again Sunday and time for the next Blouseschau.

What strikes me more and more - there are many good blogs with many good contributions, but not everyone is equally active. Some post several posts in one week and others spend more time. But that says absolutely nothing about the quality of the article and also I would like to make with my Blogrundschau no blog review. Who writes more, is called automatically more often, that is simple logic and no rating. As I said, you are also welcome to point out interesting reports.

On the way on the way

Volker is "on the wrong track" and ends up in the monastery. Of course only for work and learning. He tells about his experiences and how to make a planer and vaulted furniture parts. Very good explanations, where you can still learn a lot.


Test for steel grades for plane iron

Tom leaves you on his Holzwerkstatt Blog powerfully turn the turnip and comes with an extremely extensive steel grade test for plane iron, Many pictures and meaningful test deliver interesting results.


Confirmat screws

What are you please Confirmat screws? Almost everyone has already had them in their hands and I have already processed them myself. Only that there are even special drills for it I did not know either. That and more, shows Wood & glue in a very interesting article.


New under "observation"

I rediscovered the blog by chance "Let's go!", In a very amusing way, Manuel writes about the heights and "not so bad" of his home improvement experience. So that you do not miss this, I would also like to refer to an article that is already from last week.


RoboCup World Championship

After the World Cup is before the World Cup, but of course Heise does not refer to Jogi's boys. A very informative report on the RoboCup World Cup, which will be opened today in Brazil. "Who by 2050 should be able to beat the human soccer world champion" - I hope I can report on that.


As you can see, there are familiar faces that are called here almost regularly and also new ones. In my search for interesting articles, I also click through the recommendations and find some great sites.

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