Blouse show 30/2015

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Blouse show 30/2015: show

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Today I start my review with a small announcement. As you may have noticed, there was no news yesterday, Sunday, and that's the way it will stay. It just costs too much time and it's not always available to me. As of now, there is no longer a separate round-about on the topics of handicrafts / DIY and wood / technology, but only a common one.

Then one more note: I have holidays from next week and will enjoy this free time. By the way, I hope to have enough time to realize my own projects. My balcony railing has been finished for quite a while, but I have not laid tiles yet. That should finally change. At the weekend I gave myself once again to the deep cleaning of my workshop and especially the ancillary rooms (kitchen and bathroom). Here, the sink cabinet was adjusted, installed a new drain and and as I said much cleaned. In the evening we could then peacefully celebrate my birthday and let the storm over us.

Some may have heard of it in other ways - during the last week I finally soldered my small lighting system and all 160 cables are now connected. Unfortunately, I noticed that an LED panel is defective. Annoying! As you are pleased that it is done and then you do not even see the complete function. The defective part bothers less, since the price is negligible and new ones are already ordered.

Now I have to come up with something, how I can extend my small lighting system without having to solder 40 cables per panel again. Maybe someone has an idea for me. A ribbon cable would have to be distributed (like IDE hard disk). The first division and sorting I have a printed circuit board with stripes (strip board) realized only I do not want to do so for another 10 panels.

But now to your contributions:

Blouse Show DIY, wood and crafts

fly screens

Fly screen is not the same as mosquito nets and since our windows are over the frame after closing, these velcro parts fall out with us. Now poses DIY Workblog an interesting variant, where you can make a frame yourself fitting. An absolutely interesting option, which I will look for.


Word clock

Ui, already finished and just looks great. Dracary's DIY has already done it and completed his Word Clock. I really like the new blog distribution, in which the project is described in detail again. As always, there is a video that I do not want to hide from you.


Garden bench in concrete and wood

Well, if that's not a great and, above all, stable idea. As simple as the garden bench looks, it is just as ingenious. Especially the of Leelah Loves indicated costs of the bank should stimulate replica. The time required is really limited.


Papier Machee - simple but effective

I agree. After all, with simple means - which almost everyone in the house has - something very creative tinkering. I remember all too well how we built large piggy banks made of balloons as children. At least something fit in there. ?


An old table and bottle cap

Well, that puts the crown on the cork. Respectively the table. A floor with coins already know many, but now comes from Dekotetti the table with bottle caps and I think this is an absolutely successful project. I just do not know where to get such well-preserved or smooth bottle caps.


Make your own colorful street chalk

Why have I never come up with the idea? I have kids and like everyone else, they like to use our sidewalk tiles. Of course, having to make the chalk yourself has something to do with me and of course two-colored ones are buzzing around in my head. Thank you Kathleen Palnau for the great idea.


With that, my blouse shows a bit smaller, but you can still be sure that I will continue to watch everything. I do not want to miss anything. ?

Until Monday - your Ricc

Source: Our floor slab in progress. These are not my legs. ?

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