Blogrundschau 31/2014 - Wood and Technology

Blogrundschau 31/2014 - Wood and Technology: 2014

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Again a week is over and it goes to the next Blozenschau. There are sequels, new projects and futuristic prospects. From interesting to simply cool, there is something for everyone. Look in.

Grill station "Shaker Style"

It goes on and is just fun to follow such a construction. Step by step, the grill station is created and takes shape. Very detailed describes the Alwaysworkingman his work steps.


Children's kitchen and shop

Even though the project is a bit older and is now being introduced, it's just cool. A detail-loving building that makes every child's heart beat faster. Hobby improvement I take off my hat.



Also at wood projects there is a sequel and his highchair is in the second round. Very interesting I found the idea of ​​sticking wooden parts before gluing. Why have I never thought of it?


Shelf "Organic"

Micha has two posts on his wooden blog and reports on the construction of a shelf with two floors. In the second part will "Sculpting" described. Absolutely new for me and creates a great look. Once again learned something.



Nerd SmartWatch

Who does not want her? A clock big enough to cover half the forearm, measure the alcohol content of the breath, and provide some other futures. Not really nice and not really useful, but the idea of Smar TwatCH is already fascinating.


Besides the series, there are still two congratulations today:

1000 blog posts

DIY-info celebrates its 1000th blog post. In four years a great achievement.


500 blog posts

Botchjob also has a reason to celebrate a bit less contributions, but also with 500 contributions.


I say: Congratulations!

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