Blouse show 37/2015

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Blouse show 37/2015: 2015

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does your assembly like that too? I think it's great - the boring weekend is over, the day will make sense again and I can write my review. Well, there was some irony now. ? But I like to write the review. It's not just about writing itself, I find it interesting what others build.

Anyone who follows our Facebook appearance, has certainly noticed that I was also busy at the weekend and my work on the workshop cabinets is a big step further. The shell of the three cabinets is standing and also the doors are cut to length. In the next step, all I have to do is lower the hinges and add handles. Then the workbench could already be built. I'm looking forward to the larger workspace. This brings back order, which I desperately need. On Sat, a new test device has moved into my workshop and I need space for testing. You read about it.

Blouse show DIY, crafts and home improvement

The new terrace

Even if I do not imagine every step here, I also observe longer projects. So for example the terrace on Sandro's craft blog, In the meantime she is finished and can be absolutely proud. It does not always have to be wood. Anyone who is interested in Sandro can read in detail in the project description. A small video of the structure gives a first impression.


With rough edges

Last week I was in the hardware store (now and then I'm there) and in the entrance area I noticed big fat wooden blocks. Nice wood! I did not pay attention to what wood it was, but the price was unforgotten. 60 € - that's fat. That's exactly why I understand Holprojektewho just can not just lay down such thick pieces and store them for drying. Even if there is no plan for it, it is guaranteed.


Shishi odoshi - fountain in the Japanese style

The headline contains two words I can not deal with because of my lack of language skills. But I leave it so complete. Worth seeing is the Shishi odoshi vom Hoizbastla Definitely inspired and sure to replicate. The construction manual is very detailed and is well suited for reproduction.


Schwibbogen, project made

The post on Emil's wood blog is short, but impressive. I do not have the hand for such fine works. If you should ask why Christmas projects are coming, take a look at this Schwibbogen and estimate how long you will need it. ? If you scroll back a few posts, you will also find more detailed pictures and descriptions.


Mini photo frame

Projects do not always have to be big and impressive. Sometimes they convince by "simple" and are still awesome. Take a small cube of wood, put in a slot, give it some color and you're done with a picture holder. If you want to describe it a bit better, find it Ynas Design Blog Pictures and a detailed description. Great idea.


rosehip pigs

Rosehips grow in the soil and are found by the rosehip pigs. Or am I wrong? Unfortunately, completely wrong, but I found the title so awesome. ? The contribution had therefore simply in my review. If you are still looking for a crafting idea, you're up the good things precisely. But are not rose hips suitable as a juck powder?


Book presentation - DIY with concrete

That I do not belong to the great craft freaks, should now be known. When working with concrete, however, this looks a little different and if I have learned something through my Blogrundschau: Johanna Rundel is awesome. I have already presented some great contributions from her here and now I would like a contribution from peppermint Green in which the new book by Johanna Rundel is presented. I would have liked to show it here myself, but somehow the opportunity was missing. It looks interesting in any case.


So I say goodbye for today and probably not for this week. Tonight it's safe to go back to the workshop and when my cabinets are ready, I'll talk in detail about the construction.

Until then, enjoy the rainy Monday.
Greeting Ricc

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