Blouse show 38/2015

Hello readers of my Blozenschau,

Blouse show 38/2015: show

Ricc - I blog for you

the time has come and the workday has caught up with us again. But there is also a new Blogrundschau and insights into the work of bloggers. I also give an insight into my work on Facebook and who follows this, knows what I do. Currently my workbench construction is in the final stage and the cabinets are already finished. Now the old cabinets have to get new feet, everything has to be realigned and the worktop can be put on. So some work but an end is foreseeable.

In between, I was again able to perform two tool tests. One might be my "most expensive" test so far, and the other will expand my Power-4-All family. I would not like to reveal more at this point. I will definitely inform you. Incidentally, there will also be a small piece of furniture again.

But now to my Blogrundschau, which I would like to focus a little on the DIY and craft area today. Otherwise, always something short for me. ?

Blouse show DIY, crafts and home improvement

10 minutes bottle dress

I do not know why, but somehow you never have the right vase. Maybe this is exactly why own creations from bottles and glasses are used as decorative vases. There are many possibilities and today we come to the bottle dress - nice name. at Leelah Loves you will find a fast, simple but decorative implementation.


My XXL toolbox

What's this? And who comes up with such ideas? Fine from Wuppertal come on and it is awesome. Unfortunately, the contribution is very short and I hope for a detailed instructions. With a few clicks but you get videos that show a lot of details. And even if Arnold Schoger is not a 2m-hühne (we were allowed to get to know each other personally) and the toolbox is even more imposing, it already has enormous proportions of 2m.


Small scoop made of plastic bottle

Short and sweet shows Annie's DIY the "construction" of a small shovel. Maybe the idea is already buzzing somewhere on the net, but I have not found it yet and I think it's really great. So watch, remember and quickly implement if necessary.


Time for picnic

At least Dekotopia, And I think the ideas in this post are great. And there are a few of them. An embroidered wine box, a mobile folding table, a quick vase holder... If you like the theme, will find in the blog parade (links in the post) equal to other posts on the subject. I'll take a look around.


DIY school box

Wat is a school box? "Let's face it very stupid..." and watch it Monidrops past. There we will find out how to make the same from two plastic bottles. A great idea and the deposit of 50 cents will be put into recycling in any case.



After we have recycled our bottles, we continue with the cans. If you have no idea, take a look Creative Live over and get a whole battery of ideas. Just great. I especially like the labeled signs. For their use, I would certainly have some suggestions.


I recycle or say goodbye for today. We read and soon and it's probably about a family. ? Let yourself be surprised.

Greeting Ricc

Today the title picture shows a part of a toolbox. I was inspired by the XXL tool case.

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